Will Native styles Displace Corporate Wears in the Nigerian Work-Space?

Native Styles for male or Native attires

As the world is ever changing, so is the workplace. More-so, the advent of tech. companies has made work-place dressing fun and more creative. Some Nigerian organizations are beginning to welcome diverse and creative native styles for male and female in their work environment.

But, do you think this will last? Do you think at the end of the day, our colourful, creative attires will displace boring corporate wears? Well, that’s why we’re here. At the end of this article, you’ll find out if our native wears will completely over-throw the standard fashion style of the Nigerian work-place.

What are Native Styles or Attires?

Simply put, native attires are clothing, styles and fashion peculiar to a particular set of people, tribe or country. In Nigeria, we have many peculiar clothing, particularly the Ankara fabric.

What are Corporate Wears?

Corporate wears are designated clothing and style that employees wear to work. Sometimes, many corporate organizations also determine fashion colours for their employees.

Native styles/Attires for Work – Women

Ankara Skirts

Skirts, particularly plain skirts are very much acceptable in the work-place. In this vein, ankara skirts aren’t so different except that they’re colourful and full of patterns.

However, when paired with the right shirt, shoes and accessories, you have a complete work outfit.

Ankara Dresses and Jumpsuits

When it comes to corporate wears, dresses and jumpsuits are always the first choice for women. This is because, they’re easy to wear.

Shopping for work clothes isn’t easy. As such, women will rather purchase these outfits because unlike trousers or skirts, they do not carry the extra baggage of thinking about the perfect thing to pair with.

See these beautiful patterned clothing that’ll make it to your work-place:

Ankara Shirts

No-one can do without having a shirt in their closet. Whether you like it or not, there’s always a need for them. You need them for your trousers and skirts.

However, have you considered ankara shirts? Though under-rated and over-looked, they make great corporate clothing, especially when they’re worn in the right manner.

Native Attires for Work – Men


The reigning trend for Nigerian men nowadays is the ‘senator’ style. We can’t blame them because these styles look too good to be true. While many wear them to only social events, others wear them to the work-place. And trust me, they look as good as they’ll look in a suit and tie. See gallery below:

Click here to read more about Nigerian senator wears and styles.

Ankara Suits and Jackets

If you don’t want to totally ditch the standard corporate suits and blazers, ankara ones are totally gracious. Their array of colours will transform a boring outfit into one worth admiring.

Ankara Shirts

For work place dressings, shirts constitute a larger percentage of men’s wear. That is, shirts can’t be eliminated from men’s corporate outfit. Regardless, rather than wear some white and black shirts everyday, do you know Ankara shirts can spice things up? Here you go:

Ankara Accessories

Do you love the monotonous corporate attire but you’ll also love to spice things up with unique accessories? The monotony of corporate outfits can be transformed into colourful outfits with accessories created with Nigerian traditional fabrics. Check them out:

After going through these galleries of pleasant corporate-native attires, what do you think? Do you think they’re here to stay?

Well, I think in a few years, the Nigerian work-place will be very liberal, thereby affording you and I the opportunity to showcase our creative fashion native styles.

Remember, we have myriads of Ankara fabrics for your casual and native-corporate wears. Check here to choose the best one for you.

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