Will Ankara Wedding Dresses Become the Next Big Thing?

Ankara Wedding Dresses

Bold brides have started wearing ankara wedding dresses. We’re wondering if this fashion will be the next big thing for weddings. Maybe! Maybe not!

Well, at the end of this piece; you’ll decide if these latest pretty ankara dresses will stand a chance at your wedding and your friends’.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the photos that got us talking:

1. Off-Shoulder Cape Ankara Wedding Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you’re a bride whose wedding is coming up in a few or a bridesmaid who wants something different from the norm, try this.

Though this dress is quite simple, it exudes class. The cape’s interior which is lined with ankara pretty much reflects on the outside. Making it look like the white flowing off-shoulder dress was lined by the side.

2. Mermaid Ankara Wedding Dress with Big Double Bows

Image Credit: Pinterest

You already know what you want- a mermaid dress. But still, you want some more colours since it’s for your reception party.

Don’t think twice, this mermaid dress will look just right on you. It’ll hug and accentuate the right places.

Equally, the big bows add great degrees of sophistication. With this, guests will think you’re an angel who came for a short term on earth.

3. Ball Long Sleeve Green Ankara Wedding Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

Keen on not going all traditional for your engagement? Why not try a mix of Ankara and the white wedding dress?

And if you’re a Muslim lady, this is just perfect as it comes with its head-tie. All you need right now is the custom flowing veil. Above all, this ball dress is right for any Queen who desires to conceal every part of her body on her big day.

4. Mermaid Off-Shoulder Ankara Wedding Dress

One thing we love about mermaid dresses is their ability to show-case your body-shape perfectly. The ankara fabric here gives this dress a longer and fuller tail.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a mermaid/fishtail dress with extra tails, this is just it for you. More-so, it flatters your collar-bones and will make your King stare all day.

Don’t forget to embellish your neck with a gracious pearl necklace.

5. V Back-Line Ankara Wedding Dress

Wow! And Wow!!! Did you scream that too? This Ankara wedding dress has three exeptional features that makes it magnificent and the choice for your wedding.

First- Thin Straps: Dresses with thin straps put the shoulders and arms on display. This gives a nice outlook, particularly for parties.

Second- V Back-line: When it comes to weddings, proms and first class dinner events, ladies want to appear in V back-line dresses. This is because these dresses are far from basic, they’re gorgeous. They model the back while driving extra attention to the hips. So, yeah, they’re a big deal.

Third- The Mermaid Cut: Mermaid dresses are called mermaid dresses because they flare out into a fish-tail cut from the bottom of the knee.

No matter how simple your mermaid dress is made to look, the style in itself is ever gracious. With this V back-line ankara wedding dress, we have the fishtail made with feathers and in layers. Isn’t that awesome?

As if that wasn’t enough, the tail is made to spread with a mixture of thick white fabrics and ankara fabric.

Now, are you still thinking this whole thing? Can’t you see the universe is telling you, your wedding dress styles search is over?

Watch everyone pay homage to you, the Queen on your day. You’ll be glad you chose this beauty.

6. Ball Long Sleeve Yellow-Red Ankara Wedding Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

Ankara wedding dresses are the thing now, and this yellow-red ball dress looks spectacular.

7. Arm-less Ball Ankara Wedding Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

Are you looking to wear something simple yet exquisite? This armless ball dress is a whole mood. You get to look like one of the princesses in a Disney movie without trying too hard. Ditch the head-scarf and replace with your white flowing luster veil.

8. Off-Shoulder Yellow Peacock Ball Ankara Wedding Dress

If you haven’t found what you’re searching for, I’m sure you have now. This yellow peacock ball dress is heaven. A full ball with a flowing tail, be sure its grandeur will amaze family, well wishers and friends.

In case yellow isn’t the colour for you, make yours white and bounce down the aisle with so much joy and happiness.

We’ve imagined ourselves in each of these dresses and all we can say is, ankara wedding dresses are the next big thing. When they completely invade the wedding fashion arena, they’ll hit real hard with more mind-blowing styles.

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