Why this E-Commerce Start-up is the best Fabric Plug in Nigeria


The hustle and struggle of Nigerian markets can be tiring and frustrating. Pushing through crowds, being dragged here and there, and sweating profusely under the sun isn’t the best experience. You wish there are easier ways to get the genuine fabrics of your choice without walking miles and through different units of shops, comparing fabric prices and authenticity.

A Nigerian Market

You’re not to blame though! Every aspect of the Nigerian market is saturated with faux goods, hence, the reason you’re careful not to end up with fakes and replicas. However, FabricSphere, an e-commerce startup is closing the gap between your home and the market. FabricSphere is an online fabric store that provides excellent shopping experience to fabric lovers.

Here’s how this online marketplace is laying the perfect example for textile and e-commerce businesses in Nigeria:

  • Worldwide Delivery: Every company has a story, and FabricSphere is no different. Fabricsphere was born out of the passion to make fabrics, particularly African prints easily accessible to all. Deliveries are done from one end of the world to another, so, location isn’t a barrier. Instead, it’s a motivation to constantly innovate ways to make textiles easily accessible to all.
  • Pay on Delivery: The pay-on-delivery option is available in Lagos, Nigeria. This option is unavailable in countries outside Nigeria. However, sooner or later, it will be.
  • Massive Discounts: Who doesn’t love freebies? Noone! Firstly, subscribing to FabricSphere’s newsletter gives you a 10% discount immediately. Occasionally, there’re reductions in the prices of favourite items to the barest minimum. Other times, it’s free deliveries. You may ask; how do I know when there’s a massive discount? By subscribing to FabricSphere’s newsletter.
  • Value Conscious: The reason you’re wary of purchasing online is that more often than not, you don’t get the value for your money. You order for A quality of product and get -a quality of product. It really hurts! FabricSphere brings value to the table by providing authentic fabrics at market price. So now, you sit at the confines of your home and get top quality fabrics right at your doorstep. Bye-Bye to market merry go-rounding!

Fabrics at FabricSphere


The love for African prints all over the world is unmatched. FabricSphere knows this, thus the drive to meet this need. The prints are specifically chosen to meet your every need. These patterns range from extra-colourful to slightly colourful. Either ways, you get to choose the fabric (s) of your choice.

Senators and Atikus

African men will do anything to look good in native wears- Agbada, kaftan and senators. We’ll do anything to see you looking spectacular too. This includes providing the best cashmere wool fabrics for you. Check here to know more about our senator fabrics.


Weddings are incomplete without lace fabrics. Infact, in Nigeria, people jokingly refer to lace fabrics as wedding guests. This is because, the lace material is a big part of any Nigerian wedding. Nigerians take the time to choose the perfect one (s) that matches the colour and theme of their wedding. The couple, and families and friends must go royal, and laces are the best for royal looks. Say no to rigorous market tours! Get the wedding fabrics and asoebi of your choice while chilling at home!

Without doubts, FabricSphere is making the purchase of fabrics easier and attrative, thus saving individuals time and money. Each day, we’re closer to completely dominating the Nigerian textile industry, and offering you the best.

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