Trendy Ankara Styles 2018

trendy ankara styles 2018

Trendy Ankara Styles 2018

Sighting an Ankara print automatically brings to memory the West African culture.

Artistic yet classy, this African pattern is versatile, therefore it can be worn to any occasion.

During Nigerian celebrations, families wear a collective Ankara pattern, colour or style to distinguish themselves from non-family members.

This is popularly referred to as Aso Ebi. It is aimed at showcasing unity, family bond and togetherness.

If you love to slay, then you should be eager to explore these trendy Ankara styles [2018] that’ll make you the talk of the town without breaking the bank:

1. Mix and Match

Who doesn’t love to mix and match? Who doesn’t love to look like a multi-million dollar artwork?

While the trend has always been to mix and match, it gets better every time and who says you can’t unleash your creativity with the invaluable Ankara prints?

You can pair your Ankara dress with an English Jacket or vice versa, accessorise your best outfit with Ankara earrings or bag or pair a plain skirt with an African print shirt.

Here are some mix and match styles that’ll make you an embodiment of beauty and of course, the envy of many:

trendy ankara styles 2018

trendy ankara styles 2018

Even the Queen of Pop isn’t left behind in mixing and matching her African prints. Awesome!

trendy ankara styles 2018

trendy ankara styles 2018

Source: Pinterest

2. Dresses

For dresses, there are different styles to complement your shape, height and bring out the chic in you:

• Short Dresses

Perhaps you love to showcase your slender beautiful legs, then you should opt for short Ankara dresses.

They can be worn for parties, corporate events, owambes’, dinners and many other occasions.

Short Ankara dresses are comfortable and easy to wear. To achieve the best look, pair with magnificent accessories, and voila! You’re looking like a bag of money.

trendy ankara styles 2018

This purple and blue off-shoulder Ankara dress is everything. It’s pleasing to the eyes and sits well on the body.

It’s a great dress to show off your collar-bones and shoulders. You can pair with a beautiful necklace or better still, sprinkle some glitters on those collar bones.

trendy ankara styles 2018

Attending a corporate event? This style is a must-have. Makes you look like the boss that you are.

trendy ankara styles 2018 s

Source: Pinterest

• 3 Maxi-Dresses

You can never go wrong with maxi-dresses, particularly ones made with Ankara prints. Its flowing grandeur makes it excellent to look upon.

Maxi-dresses could be casual, semi-corporate or corporate. Going for an evening walk or dinner? A casual Ankara maxi-dress will do the trick. Owambe? A well tailored maxi-dress suiting your body shape is perfect for the event.

Accessorize with your gele and jewelleries, and you’re ready to stomp the party yard.

Perfect for that evening walk/dinner with family or friends

trendy ankara styles 2018trendy ankara styles 2018

trendy ankara styles 2018

Source: Pinterest

4. Peplum

Peplum? Strikes a chord right? Originating from Greek fashion, peplum Ankara styles are one of the hottest trends.

A dress, blouse, jacket or skirt becomes a peplum when a short, slightly flared fabric is attached to its waist.

Irrespective of your body shape, peplums’ have a way of showcasing a beautiful body outlook. They’re well fitting and are always a beauty to behold.

Whether Ankara skirt, dress, blouse or jacket, peplums’ are legendary.

Trendy Ankara styles 2018

trendy ankara styles 2018

Source: Pinterest

Dear fashionista, now that you know the trendy Ankara styles , go out and keep winning the fashion game.

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