Traditional Igbo Wedding Attires for your Big Day

Traditional Igbo Wedding

Click! Double clicks!! Triple shutter clicks!!! You can hear the tingling sound of your photographer’s camera taking bomb ass pictures of you dressed in your gorgeous traditional Igbo wedding attire. The thoughts and imaginations are exciting! You envision that on that big day, your outfit will be so glorious that family and friends will marvel. Also, your pictures will be one of a kind, thereby becoming framed art for the greatest walls in history.

1, 2, 3! Snap out! Yeah, your dreams are valid and will certainly come through but for them to, there’re lots of preparations to make. The first of these preparations is picking the best traditional Igbo wedding attire for yourself and your significant other. I know, it’s a lot of work, but don’t worry because, at the end of this article, you’ll have the most gracious styles for your Igbo traditional wedding.

Why do you need a Traditional Igbo Wedding Attire?

Though many Igbo couples still carry out white and court weddings, the Igbo traditional marriage is the marriage the Igbo clan recognizes. Therefore, for Igbo traditional marriages, couples are to wear traditional attires.

This great ceremony known as the Igbankwu is one where the bride bears a cup of wine to her husband. She is to find her husband who is amidst the crowd, then give him the wine. The moment her beloved sips the wine, they become husband and wife. Immediately, the crowd cheers loudly and the gbedu begins.

Traditional Igbo Wedding
Igbo bride finds her groom in the crowd.
Image Credit: romancemeetslife

Traditional Igbo Wedding Attire- Bride’s Outfit

Like every other bride, the Igbo bride is the most excited at her traditional marriage. She wants to look and dress the best for herself, her groom, guests and of course, the gram. The bride’s outfit may be a dress (off-shoulder, fishtail or ball), skirt and blouse or traditional wrapper tied around her chest.

Beads are very important accessories of every Igbo bride’s outfit, hence she may wear a beaded crown, tiny or huge waist beads and beaded ear/legs/neck/hands accessories. While some brides decide to tie a headgear, others adorn their hair creatively with beads and various ornaments. Some brides further accessorize their traditional attire with horsetails while others carry cute little clutch bags and custom hand-fans.

Many times, Igbo brides wear more than one attire for each section of their traditional marriage. Also, some go extra-traditional and make temporary carvings on their bodies.

Traditional Igbo Wedding Attire- Groom’s Outfit

Often made of brocade, top-quality silk, lace or jacquard fabrics, the Igbo groom’s outfit is quite simple. The outfit consists of a shirt and trousers or wrapper. The groom makes use of accessories such as beads, caps, brooches and custom sticks to add finesse to the entire outfit.

Though the trousers, shirt or wrapper may be simple, some fashion designers have been able to make the piece look magnificent and exquisite. Some groom ensure that their wrapper is the same design/colour as their cap while others prefer to wear an outfit with a uniform colour, then accessorize with complementing accessories.

Traditional Igbo Wedding Attire- Family and Friend’s Outfit

During Igbo traditional marriages, it’s not only the couple that’s expected to dress gloriously; family and friends are expected to do the same. Marriage is blissful and a joyful one, therefore family, friends and all well-wishers are expected to dress their best.

Most times, close friends and family of the bride wear the same outfit style or use the same fabric for different styles. Either way, the essence is to portray uniformity and togetherness. This also applies to the groom. In the Yorubaland, this arrangement is known as the aso-ebi.

Wow! Now, you have lots and lots of traditional outfits to choose from. We’re glad for you. Before you go, check our beautiful fabric collections to find ones that suits your taste. You’ll love every bit of them. Moreover, we have top-notch lace fabrics perfect for your Igbakwu.

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