Social Media Week Lagos 2019 Fashion Icons

Social Media Week Lagos 2019 Fashion Icons

Big events happen in Lagos everyday, every time, but some events shut down the entire city and even the country. One of those events is the; Lagos Social Media Week. It’s Africa’s largest digital media and technology event.

This event is a convergence of experts, start-ups, innovators, the media, the populace and big fishes in various industries. In a phrase; it’s huge. Social Media Week Lagos is no child’s play. It’s that ghen ghen event Nigerians looks forward to yearly, even those outside the shores of Nigeria.

Since individuals attend this event from all walks of life, then you should be sure that creative varieties of fashion will be displayed at the highest level.

What is Fashion?

Taking a cue from the Urban Dictionary; fashion is ‘taking your creativity and turning it into clothes’. It is inventing your style creatively, it’s who you are.

Hey, fashion lover! Thinking about ways to step up your fashion game creatively? In this article, we’ll take you through the stables of the Lagos Social Media Week to take cues from the unique art of different fashion novas’.

Perhaps you’re a fashion designer, your artistic eyes will be sharpened after having this full dish we’re about to serve.


  • Dresses

This dress screams sophistication! The cuts! Really creative! The colour green! The dress is magnificent, ohmigod, I think I want one. I’m sure you’ll love a piece of this too.

Let’s hope you get lucky and get one from ‘Anon‘ for Valentines’ or Santa for Christmas. Is Christmas too far? Darling, every beautiful thing is worth the wait. Moreover, its sleeveless style ultimately matches the midi length. As you can see, green is best paired with yellow.

A gracious yellow kimono with floral design is all you need to make your little black dress stand out. Perfectly mixing and matching colors is an art that hasn’t been mastered by many people. But, girl! This nova has an eye for colors, and bright ones at that. Her sandals are breath-taking! Great ornamental piece!

White signifies goodness, light, beauty and perfection. You can tell that this nova emits these auras’. The wrap dress is totally gorgeous. She pairs with white shoes and a monochrome bag. How gracious!

A simple red dress paired with black sandal heels wouldn’t hurt anyone. Ride on Boo!!!

  • Trousers

The boss chic!!! This modern-retro style is the vibe. It passes as a bad-ass look and a corporate look. You can’t go wrong with this style. Moreover, this retro icon excellently ensured that her outfit’s colour sequence is pleasing to the eyes.

Since the inner top is black with some grey patterns, she went with a black shoe. The pattern on her black shirt matches her jacket and trousers. Equally, her cute little clutch complements perfectly.

You can look this yummy if you stop looking at what people will say and put your creativity into action.

Simple outfit fit for a corporate event! Fashion is definitely not the tons of clothes you have, it’s knowing how to put them together.

Sometimes, all you need to slay is your; trousers, inner top, a kimono and definitely, heels. It’s in the constitution. Heels add unbeatable extravagance to any style.

Go girl!!! Favor fortunes the bold! This nova’s colour matching game is on point. She’s wearing four different colours and the harmony is perfect.

A green patterned trouser, black crop-top and jacket, white pumps and a daring yellow bag. She’s the real MVP, and she deserves a standing ovation.

Mom jeans for the win! She decided to go for a monochrome look and we love every bit of it. Mom jean, monochrome striped shirt and white pumps, simple yet classy!


Red exudes confidence, it looks good on everyone. That’s why Bill Blass said; when in doubt, wear red because no matter what, red outfits makes you look super-good and presentable.

Peep this nova crushing the look in a simple red slit skirt, black camisole, a matching red blazer and white shoes. If I had the chance to, I’ll totally steal this outfit.

A mixture of Ankara fashion and casual fashion. A black t-shirt tucked in Ankara skirt and paired with sneakers. You should try out this style sometime, its a lovely one. By the way, her basket bag is plush.

An exquisite piece! This skirt and shirt better be preserved as a work of art! It’s too gracious not to be.


If you like to be a basic slayer, a jean, shirt and leather shoes is all you need.

Ahn ahn!!! Kilosele gangan? The sauce is too much. We’re in love with every bit of this outfit.

Image Credit: itstomiwa


Fringe clothing have been the trend since 2017, they’re certainly here to say. A fringe top, boot-cut trousers and black heels is all you need to unleash the Queen in you.

Can you spot the fashion icon beside the Queen? Noble Igwe! He never disappoints and never leaves his hat at home.

Can you spot some familiar faces? Denola Grey, Kate Henshaw; they all came to slay. The party isn’t the party if these icons aren’t dishing out the sauce.

Dear Kings and Queens, it’s time to be intentional about your style because “what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick.

Fashion is instant language- Miuccia Prada”. In this vein, if you’re willing to make any of the styles above, we have lofty, outstanding and luxurious fabrics¬†perfect for you. We love when you’re the talk of the party.

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