Nigerian Men’s Fashion

Nigerian men's fashion

Nigerian Men’s Fashion

Fashion is winning and we all know; your dressing dictates how people address you.

Nigerian men know this fact, hence the need to step up their fashion game.

The changing nature of fashion makes it difficult for folks to keep up. However, fashion lovers are constantly looking forward to these changes.

A fashion lover or not, these trendy Nigerian men’s fashion will excite you.

The Agbada

Agbadas’ have been in existence since the days of our fore-fathers. It’s the traditional attire of the Yoruba clan.

Complete agbada decorated with exquisite embroideries were worn by royal families and the wealthy in the olden days.

Agbadas’ reflect class and commands respect. Fashion designers have found creative ways to make this attire very much appealing to young men.

The agbada features different styles and fabrics. With a variety of accessories, you’re good to go.

Hot Sauce! Yellow and black makes a great colour combination.

Perhaps, you’re not in love with these colour combination, you can use contrasting colours of your choice.

Watch heads roll while taking glances at your majestic appearance.

White with sprinkles of blue embroidery! This agbada is creatively designed. This style is top-notch. Pair with suitable accessories.

Black with a touch of grey! Gorgeous!!!!


Another trendy men’s fashion is the Kaftan. Firstly popular among the Hausa’s, it has become a statement for all men.

The kaftan is easy to wear as it is loose and fits easily.

The dress is usually long sleeved and stretches below the knees.

The trouser is made with the same material as the dress and can be casual or ceremonial depending on the fashion sense of the wearer.

Kaftan’s can be paired with a cap, slides, a custom stick and other accessories.

Senator Style

Senators have been in vogue for a while and it’s an open truth that Nigerian men are in love with this style.

Made with bold, thick materials, this style is here to stay.

It features little or no embroidery, however it is tailored to fit the wearers body perfectly.

What manner of gorgeousness is this? This White senator style is making us drool. We can’t stop staring.

The cap, beads and wrist-watch are perfect for the white beauty.

Once a classic man, always a classic man.. .

Images: Pinterest

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