Nigerian French Lace Styles

Nigerian French Lace Styles

Nigerian French Lace Styles

It’s your childhood friend’s wedding! You’re worried because you work round the clock, and barely have any aso-ebi styles to wear.

Stop panicking, we’re here to provide you with all you need to slay.

What is French Lace?

Designed in France, French lace have found a home in Nigeria. If you’ve seen those beautiful lace materials woven from silk, cotton, viscose or rayon, and fell in love, welcome to the club! You’re a French lace lover.

Beautiful floral patterns, embroideries and beading are some of the characteristic of this pretty thing. Racking your head to determine if you’ve seen a french lace or not?

Don’t struggle too hard because as soon as you begin to see the Nigeria French lace styles, the gbedu go dey enter body.

French Lace Styles

  • White Mermaid Backless Flowing Dress

Oh my goodness! Appearing at the wedding in this lovely piece will make you the centre of attraction. Seen how everyone peeps and waves when the Queen of England arrives at an event? You’ll enjoy such moment throughout the owambe.

You’ll hear things like; Oh my god! You’re so beautiful! Of course, been told you’re beautiful propels an exciting feeling.

Enjoy every bit of your stardom while it lasts. To get this journey of looking the best started,  get your french lace and let your fashion designer finish off the good work.

  • Halter-Neck Purple Sequined Dress

Nigeria French Lace Styles

Halter necks come with some sort of extra-ordinary charisma. Moreover, the dress colour is striking.

Long dresses are perfect for sweet occasions because it showcases the sweet, baby girl that you’re.

Like the guest above, you can leave your hair out or seal off the entire look with a blinding gele. Whichever way, you’re on point.

  • Baby Pink Off Shoulder Dress

Nigeria French Lace Styles

Subtle and appealing! Pink lovers, are you seeing this? In this off shoulder dress, you’ll look like a piece of art. If you aren’t so comfortable with exposing your shoulders, this off-shoulder is moderate for you as it isn’t too low.

Enhance your classy look with matching jewelries. When dressing for a wedding, there’s this spice gele adds to your outfit, so rock your gele to look completely yummy.

Finish off your look with a bold smile and confidence.

  • Green Flared Hand Long Dress

Nigeria French Lace Styles

Green in its entirety is marvelous! If you’re looking for something simple yet magical, this is a choice you won’t regret.

The V-Neck gently sits on the shoulders and accentuates the neck excellently.

You don’t need a magical wand to become a princess, this green long dress is all you need and more.

  • Short White Off-Shoulder Dress

Nigeria French Lace Styles

What gang do you belong? The short dress gang or flowing dress gang? Let’s know ourselves. Oh! Did I just say that? I actually belong to both gangs because they’re uniquely different and beautiful.

The look you pull off with a short dress is always different from that of a long dress. This dress gives that, ‘I’m a young classy multi-millionaire’ kinda vibe, the exact vibe you need.

Since it’s an off shoulder dress,magnificent necklace and earrings will go a long way in showcasing your bag of money look.

  • Floral Purple Three Piece Dress

Nigerian French Lace styles keeps getting hotter and hotter. We can’t get enough of this sauce,it’s too much; hot from the fire.

Ready to slay effortlessly? Save this style ASAP, and keep in touch. We’re waiting to listen to your owambe slay chronicles.

  • Beautiful Blue Dress with Slit

When you think you’ve seen all the beautiful dresses, you’re hit with just another one. Just look at this, isn’t this gracious?

For individuals who are in love with long dresses but still love to showcase their beautiful legs, this Nigerian French lace style is the perfect fit. The creativity of this piece is top-notch.

Pair with some bomb ass heels! In this dress, it’s certain no-one will steal your shine. You’re the BOMB!

  • Pink Sequin Floral Flowing Dress

Nigeria French Lace Styles

A piece of art! Pink is every lady’s color. It’s adorable and shiny. Now embellished with sequins, it’s perfect for a Queen like you.

All you need now is a throne, and don’t worry, when you arrive at that occasion, you’ll be given a golden one.

Images Credit: Pinterest

Perhaps you aren’t satisfied with these styles, we have more juicy ones for you at Fabricsphere Weddings.

Go ahead and feed your eyes till you find the Nigerian French lace style that strikes the special chord in your golden heart. It’s all for you!

When you find the style you want to slay in, remember we have lace materials that’ll leave you asking for more.

Making sure you look the best at that owambe is our sole responsibility. Go ahead and shine!

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