Modern Urhobo Traditional Blouses


Modern Urhobo Traditional Blouses

Nigeria is home to so many ethnic groups including the ‘Urhobo’ ethnic group.

In case you haven’t heard about this unique tribe; grab a seat and some snacks because we’re ready to take you on a journey into their opulent wedding culture and traditions.

Now, who are the Urhobos? They are partly the indigenous inhabitants of Delta State, Nigeria—the major ethnic group.

Their major language of communication is Urhobo, others are; Isoko, Okpe and Uvwie.

The Urhobos have unique food, festivals, calendar and marriage traditions. Their culture in its entirety is ‘different from the rest’.

Urhobo Wedding Tradition

The Urhobo wedding tradition is very unconventional. They consider their wedding vows extremely sacred, hence separation or divorce is far from their thoughts.

Rather than see a marriage between two people, this ethnic group sees a marriage between two families.

In the Urhobo culture, when a man sees a woman he’ll love to take as his bride, himself and his friends package gifts particularly alcohol and kolanut to the bride’s family.

The bride’s family accept him as their son if he’s fit and capable of taking proper care of their daughter.

Then, both families begin to make wedding preparations which usually begins with a ritual prayer to their ancestors (Erivwin).

Known as the ‘Udi Arhovwaje’, it takes place in the ancestral home of the bride.

The groom and his bride visits his family where the eldest member of the family accepts the bride. There, she discloses her contacts with other men to the family to prove her faithfulness.

The families pick a wedding date that’s convenient for both families.

The traditional wedding begins when the bride’s father pours a libation drink and blesses their union. He gives the bride a drink which she gives to her husband. He takes a gulp, then returns the cup to her.

The moment she takes her gulp, celebration and cheering begins as they are pronounced husband and wife. Wawu!! The real ‘gbedu’ is about to start.

Modern Urhobo Traditional Blouses

Now that you’re knowledgeable about the Urhobo wedding culture, let’s explore modern traditional blouses Urhobo ladies rock during their weddings:

Wow! Looking all sweet and splendid. Nature’s colour flawlessly complements the bride’s caramel skin.

Her skin, her off-shoulder blouse, ivory beads and horse tail gives a spectacular hue.

Did you just gasp? Stop for a second, and take another look at this red beauty. Dazzling! We’re sure her groom couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Red and sky blue! Ravishing colours. Her three quarter sleeved blouse is simple yet chic.

The red patterns beneath her two wrapper totally blends with her coral beads. She’s beautiful!

Love, oh love! Look how they stare into each other’s eyes. The bride’s purple and white outfit is captivating.

Her sleeveless top is decorated with some ruffles. Who doesn’t love ruffles? Really? Who doesn’t? NO-ONE.

The simple coral beads make the perfect ornaments. Perfecto!!!

This bride’s off shoulder blouse sits firmly on her shoulders. The cream coloured blouse is embellished with some beads, thereby giving it a royal outlook.

Her coral two wrapper features patterns of the cream colour. Overall, her outfit is fire.

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