Men’s Native Wears: Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Men's Native Wears

Nowadays, men’s native wears are constantly gaining traction because of their simplicity and multi-functionality. However, many men are wearing these outfits wrong, particularly with the wrong accessories.

It’s 2019, therefore, these mistakes shall be no more. That’s why in this article, we’ll show you fashion mistakes you’ve been making when wearing native wears and how to avoid them.

Trouser Length

The length of your native trouser is very essential in the overall outlook of your native attire. A common mistake among the men is allowing their trousers a bit below their ankle. This causes the trouser to fall on their shoe and possibly cover half of the shoe.

Sometimes, the trousers even sweep the floor. Trousers that sweep the floor aren’t pleasing to the eyes, neither do they make you look good. Rather, they make you look like a man from the 70’s. To look crisp and stylish, ensure that your trouser length stops on your ankle, right above your shoe.

Also, ensure that the over-all attire is well fitted. It shouldn’t droop over your body, it should sit. No matter how well-built you are, baggy traditional wears will conceal your body and make you look shabby.

Native Attires
Just the perfect trouser length!
Image Credit: Pinterest


Wearing dress socks with your outfit is cool until you wear it with a senator, agbada or kaftan. Socks are for English wears and not native ones. Perhaps you’re sweaty and can’t do without wearing one, opt for half socks. Instead of looking like a gentleman, pairing full socks with native wear will make you look like a cave-man. You sure don’t want to look like one in this age of fashion wokeness.


It’s quite obvious that men’s native wears are selective outfits. One rule of thumb for Nigerian native wears is to never pair them with dress shoes. Rather, wear loafers, moccasins or boat shoes for high-class events, and sandals/slippers for casual ones. As much as you love your lace-up shoes, never wear them with your well-cut traditional outfits.

Another error many men make is pairing canvas and all types of running shoes with a traditional wear. It’s wrong and doesn’t look good. To look like a sweet man that you’re, pair native wears with matching shoes.

Also, endeavour to keep your shoes clean and well-polished.

Men's Native Wears
Man wearing agbada with no lace-up shoes
Image Credit: Pinterest


Whether you’re a student or a working man, drop backpacks when wearing any Nigerian native attire. It’s almost a taboo to wear backpacks on native attire! Apart from looking creepy, it totally just doesn’t fit. School bags or backpacks have a way of watering down the finesse that comes with wearing an agbada or senator. Opt for a well-polished leather bag to keep your belongings and add style to your outfit.

Men's Native Wears
Man carrying a well-polished leather bag
Image Credit: Pinterest


Oh! We get it! You love those sports watches and probably won’t let them go. Here’s the truth; sports watches aren’t suitable on native wears, they’re a no-no. Wear quality leather watches or silver/gold ones. Remember, your watch doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to look good and be durable.

Men's Native Wears
Man wearing a gold watch


Can you wear bracelets? Of course. Beaded, gold, silver or ivory bracelets are just perfect for any native attire. Also, you can pair with simple necklaces that complement the outfit. Refrain from wearing ones that take all the attention away from your outfit. Jewellries are to add spice and shine to an outfit, not steal the glory.

Men's Native Wears
Man wearing well-carved brown and black bracelets
Image Credit: Pinterest


Guilty? Do you sometimes wear face cap on your native attire? It’s totally wrong. Face caps are meant to be paired with English casual wears. Most native attires have custom caps that you should wear when wearing them. If you must wear a head accessory, opt for a native custom caps or wear a custom hat. These ones make you look fashionable, stylish and ready to conquer the world.

Men's Native Wears
Man wearing a hat
Image Credit: Pinterest
Men's Native Wears
Man wearing a custom native hat
Image Credit: Pinterest

Guilty of any of these fashion errors? Now, you know the fashion rules that’ll keep you in the game. Stick to them and watch how you’ll become the king of every event.

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