Men’s Fashion Ideas: Smart Casual

smart casual

Men’s Fashion Ideas: Smart Casual

Smart Casual! Two sides of a coin innit? Well, it’s the trend now. First things first, let’s get this oxymoron straight and clear.

What does smart casual really mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is a style of informal dressing that is smart enough for a particular situation.

Urban dictionary says; A nonsensical dress code that people slap onto events, parties, and workplaces. Completely down to interpretation; this always causes confusion and often spectacular results. A mixture between smart and casual.

Simply put, smart casual is the tactical combination of smart and casual outfits to achieve a well-dressed look. It’s not about combining just anything, it’s about doing it right.

Want to look the best without actually trying too hard? Follow me as we explore hot smart casual outfits. Ready? Leggo!

  • English Smart Casual

I think this is the most basic English smart casual look. It’s simple and can be worn to both formal and casual events.

Moreover, it features basic men’s wardrobe necessities- a trouser, shirt, belt, shoes and a cross-body bag.

So, it’s not that hard to pull off. In fact, it wouldn’t cost you a thing.

However, because this is basic doesn’t mean you should act basic. Plis dear, add some swag!

Want to step things up a bit? Pair a well fitted jean trouser with a nice buttoned shirt or a turtle-neck shirt.

Match up with a blazer, plaid or plain, buttoned up or not.

Match with favorite shoes or boots, and watch the ladies drool at every step you take. Thank me later.

Moreover, you can accessorize with a lapel pin or whatever catches your fancy.

Images Credit: Pinterest.

  • English X Ankara Mix

The Ankara fabric is like that person in class that extra-ordinarily passes all courses.

I mean, Ankara can be used and mixed with virtually anything and guess what? It never disappoints.

Do you have existing Ankara tops? If yes, you’re good to go. Simply, match with your favorite trousers and beautiful shoes.

Pair with relevant accessories like a hat, sunglasses, necklace or even a custom stick. You can leave your shirt flying out or tucked in.

Whichever way, recreate the styles in a unique way. Remember, fashion favors the bold and creative.

This Ankara trouser and stripe tank top is more on the casual side. However, you can pair your Ankara trouser with a plain shirt.

If you’re daring enough, pair with a patterned one. When paired properly, pattern on pattern is aesthetically pleasing. Sandals or shoes is perfect for the look.

Regardless, ensure you spice things up with favorite accessories.

Astoundingly hot! Not so smart, not so casual. I’m so in love with the fact that the trouser and tie are the same pattern making the white shirt stand out beautifully. Complements perfectly!

Different pattern of Ankara trousers. Mix and match with complementing shirt colors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment colors, particularly, extreme ones. Go extra and pair with caps, glasses and bags.

Bad Mannnnn!!! Ripped jean, nice top and a long Ankara jacket. Totally awesome!!!

Perhaps you love to keep things basic with patterns, shirts with sprinkles of patterns are just perfect.

You can purchase them in stores (physical or online) or let your fashion designer make some for you with these beautiful Ankara fabrics. Style as you desire.

English styles made with Ankara! You can either have your blazer with shorts or trousers.

Images Credit: Pinterest.

  • Native

Senator Wears

Senator wears are exciting and multi-functional. They can be worn as a piece (shirt and trouser) or different piece– senator shirt with a separate trouser. All na fashion!

You can pair with brogues, tennis shoes, loafers and many others. When rocking the senator wear, accessories play a huge role in looking dapper. Think out of the box!


Kaftans are ceremonious casual wears. They’re fit for business meetings, religious occasions and casual outings.

According to your style, you can have your Kaftan beautified with embroideries or not. Pair with ripped, normal jean or work trousers.


While this Kaftan style is really creative, it leans towards street dressing and may not be appropriate for corporate occasion.

But, if you’re looking to showcase the bad boy in you, this is definitely a great one for casual outings, shows and concerts.

Images Credit: Pinterest.

If you have fallen in love with any Ankara style and you’ll love to have them made by your fashion designer, we’ve made things easy for you.

Check through to see beautiful Ankara fabrics suitable for these styles, they’ll definitely catch your fancy.

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