Latest Ankara Styles 2018 For Couples

latest ankara styles


African couples love wearing the latest Ankara styles for occasions like traditional weddings and other events. They love looking attractive as couples dressed in different Ankara styles because it exudes charm and romance.

Furthermore, dressing in the latest Ankara styles in town is a way to express your love as a couple. After all, Africans love combining fashion and love in attractive Ankara styles.

If you are searching for that perfect Ankara style for you and your partner, we’ve got you covered! Below are stunning and latest Ankara styles of 2018 for every couple!


Purple Ankara style

If you want to look like royalty, try purple! What better to show respect to your man than a matching fashionable Ankara style.

In the style below, the woman is wearing a purple peplum jumpsuit with a touch of white and her man compliments the outfit with a purple agbada and a black trouser. This Ankara style is great for traditional parties and weddings. You will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Off shoulder gown and wrapper Ankara couple style

This style is perfect for ceremonial events traditional weddings. In this style, the lady wears an armless peplum Ankara dress with a colorful print.

On the other hand, the man compliments the style with a wrapper knotted on his left shoulder. It is a traditional and classy look which does not require several accessories.


Ankara and black

Black is a color that comes in handy particularly when you don’t know which color to choose for an event. Black offers the two styles with a background that makes it shine while keeping the style simple.

You can put on black on an Ankara apparel (skirt or trousers) while the man can put on dark trousers and a floral shirt. It is that simple!

F:\article 2\images (10).jpg

Shirt and Short dress Ankara style

The Ankara style is perfect for couples who want to express their love in an interesting way. You can put on this look to a birthday party, outing with friends, and even weddings too.

Trust me; this look will make you and your partner stand out from the crowd. What’s more, the style is very easy to pull off!

F:\article 2\images (11).jpg

White shirt with print and maxi Ankara gown

The design is great, particularly if you do not want to dress in an all-white ensemble. In the style above, the man is putting on a white shirt with an Ankara detail on the chest while the lady has a sleeveless maxi dress.

For the man, you can put on back trouser and matching shoes to complete the look. The neck and arm detail give the outfit a sexy yet classy look in general.

F:\article 2\images (12).jpg

The classic Ankara style

If you are looking for an (inspiring wedding outfit, this classic Latest Ankara style work perfectly In the design above, the man wears a deep blue outfit a print detail at the chest region.

The lady is putting on a colorful print with blue detail. With the right shoes and accessory, you will definitely turn heads!

F:\article 2\images (13).jpg

White blouse and shirt with Ankara bottoms

The style and design are very easy to assemble. With the right shirt, blouse, Ankara trouser or shorts (for the man) and Ankara skirt (for the woman), you can pull this look off.

White is a great color as it matches any style or color. Simply select a stunning print for the Ankara bottoms and you are good to go! What’s more, the style is perfect for evening parties and picnics!

Latest Ankara styles 2018

High low Ankara style with a matching shirt

This is another classy style for couples; the lady wears a stylish high-low Ankara dress while the man is dressed in similar Ankara shirt and khaki trousers. The design is perfect for weddings receptions, and other top events.

F:\article 2\IMG_20180916_093609.jpg

Mermaid dress and Ankara suit for couples

Who doesn’t look stunning in a mermaid dress? The style lets you create beautiful detail so you can match the outfit with your spouse in a unique way. The Ankara suit gives the man a stylish and composed look while the Ankara dress makes the woman look super classy!

Latest Ankara styles

Matching Ankara sweatshirt for young couples

Want to match outfits with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancée? This Matching Ankara sweatshirt is perfect for this! It is a great style for pregnant wedding shoots, picnics, and even hangouts! The man and woman in the image above are wearing similar Ankara sweatshirt with ripped jeans. Simply stunning!

Clearly, there are several latest Ankara styles for couples to pick from. Your preference and style will determine which design to go for. The benefit of Ankara fabric is that it offers a unique look and it is used to bring out the style you want. So make your choice and have fun while at it.


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