A Step By Step Guide: How To Care For Your Ankara Fabric / Patterns

ankara patterns

No doubt, the plethora of colours and patterns of the Ankara fabric makes it irresistible. However, to maintain this beauty, this fabric has to be treated with utmost care. You treat the legendary Ankara anyhow, it loses its shine and you lose your fabric. You sure don’t want that.

Do you love African prints a.k.a Ankara fabrics, but don’t know the proper way to care for them? Things are about to change for your collection of patterned fabrics. In this article, I’ll walk you step by step on how to properly treat your fabrics.

Step 1: How to Care for your Ankara Fabric / Patterns

The first step to take before washing your print clothing is to test whether it’s bleaching or not. How? Add your washing soap to a little portion of your fabric, particularly the hem. Add water, then wash. If it removes colour, then it’s bleaching and should be separated from other fabrics. Either ways, it’s best practice to separate your Ankara patterns from non-ankara clothing.

Step 2: How to Care for your Ankara fabric / Patterns

Separate Ankara patterns from other fabrics. Mixing and washing your Ankara with other fabrics might destroy the latter peradventure your Ankara sheds some colours.

Step 3: How to Care for your Ankara fabric / Patterns

Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water with mild bar soaps. Refrain from using bleaches or detergents. If at all you decide to wash with detergents, use mild ones.

If you decide to wash in your washer, turn off spin cycle and wash on the mild cycle. Wash in cold water.

Step 4: How to Care for your Ankara fabric / Patterns

After washing, it’s better don’t squeeze your print fabric. Gently hang and dry under a shade or when the sun isn’t scorching. Drying your African prints under excessive heat will fade out the colours.

Step 5: How to Care for your Ankara fabric / Patterns

When dry, iron on the inside with minimum heat. Hang or fold carefully in your closet.

Voila! Your African print is ready! Now, you can pick it and wear anytime, any day without worrying.

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