Hot Benue-Tiv Traditional Wedding Attire and Styles

Let’s do a little history! Who are the Tiv people? Tiv is an ethnic group largely in Benue and Plateau State, Nigeria. They’re also in Taraba and Nassarawa states. It is the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria and about seven million Nigerians speak the Tiv language. Like the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa tribes, the Tivs have rich unique traditional marriage rites. Their marriages are usually colourful and full of life. The Tivs traditional wedding attire is known as; A’nger or A’nger U Tiv which means; white and black stripes.

Traditional Wedding Attire
Tiv Couple wearing the A’nger U Tiv
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A long time ago, the Tiv men had fun proposing to the lady who captured their heart. Whenever they saw a lady and proposed in their heart to marry her, they waited for her by the stream or firewood arena. As soon as she arrives, the suitor and friends ambush and take her away. Due to civilization, this tradition is no longer practised among the Tiv people.

Tiv Traditional Marriage


To begin with, the groom visits his fiancee’s family for the first time. After this first visit, he’s to come back officially with his family members for an introduction.

As he wishes, the groom can come with only his father and mother or his extended family. For the introduction, it’s a taboo for the groom and his family to come empty-handed. They’re to bring salt, palm oil, bush-meat, bottles of wine and hot drinks. Both families agree on a traditional wedding date, then the bride’s family issues the groom and his family a list of the traditional wedding items.

The List

The groom is to bring the following items for the bride’s father:

  • Cowries (Azenga)
  • Pig
  • Local Gin
  • Cash; majorly for the replacements of the local gin peradventure it finishes on time.
  • Matches
  • Danshiki

For the bride’s mother, the groom brings;

  • Table and Chair
  • Bush-meat
  • Broom
  • Soft Drinks
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Salt
  • Umbrella
  • Measuring Bowl (Mudu)
  • Mat
  • Palm-oil
  • Clothes
  • Necklaces

Traditional Marriage

The Tivs traditional marriage isn’t a child’s play, it’s serious business. First and foremost, the bride’s male and female family members stay in two separate rooms. Then, the groom and his family members proceed to the room of the bride’s male family members to discuss her dowry. More often than not, this dowry is a token of about two naira. Depending on the brides family, the dowry can be lower or higher.

Still, in the same room, the groom and his family present the items required of them. This is done upon payment of the bride-price. Afterwards, the bride comes out to show all the elderly men including her father her husband by giving him a drink.

Then, she proceeds to the room where her female family members are to show them her husband. There, the bride’s mother and other elderly women provide them with golden marriage tips.

If the groom is a Tiv man, the Kwase Kuhwan rite is performed. During this rite, the groom’s family receives the bride as she arrives with popular Tiv traditional music and a company of Tiv traditional dancers (Swonge).

Benue-Tiv Traditional Wedding Attire

If you’re a Tiv bride or groom looking for traditional wedding attire inspiration, these blazing hot styles will leave you speechless.

Traditional Wedding Attire
Picture Credit: Pinterest

As a Tiv bride, you can wear the henna on your hands to reflect your deep-rich traditions and culture.

Traditional Wedding Attire
Image Credit: Pinterest

The groom can wear a complete A’nger U Tiv or wear it in the Agbada form. To match the groom, the bride’s wrapper, gele and extra wrapper make them set for a proper Tiv traditional marriage. Oh! Look! The groom is carrying a staff. If you decide to go with a staff or a different accessory, you’re still good to go.

Traditional Wedding Attire
Picture Credit: Pinterest
Traditional Wedding Attire
Image Credit: Pinterest

Hmmmmm! Correct Tiv couple! It’s too obvious. Perhaps you don’t want to wear the traditional white blouse and striped wrapper, you can go for a completely A’nger U Tiv trumpet skirt and peplum blouse. Adorn your hair with some beads or cowries.

Picture Credit: Pinterest

For the bride, a Dashiki like A’nger U Tiv blouse paired with a maxi skirt isn’t bad at all.

Traditional Wedding Attire
Image Credit: Pinterest
Picture Credit: Pinterest

Choose from any of these styles for your Tiv traditional wedding. Moreover, you can imitate styles and give your Nigerian tailor to make with your traditional fabric. But before you entrust a Nigerian tailor to make your traditional wedding attire, read this article on the factors to consider before giving your custom clothes to Nigerian tailors.

For your traditional wedding and aso-ebi needs, we have fine fine, high quality material that’ll make everyone look like queens and kings at your wedding. Don’t believe? Check here and see for yourself.

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