Factors to Consider when Choosing a Nigerian Tailor to make your Custom Clothes

Custom Clothes

Opens Instagram! Sees a plethora of different magnificent styles and daydream about getting the perfect tailor to make the custom clothes. Finally, you find a ‘supposed’ perfect Nigerian tailor and you’re excited. You give him/her your styles, then go home envisioning about how you’ll paint the town in colours.

Tada! The D-Day for collecting your custom clothes arrives. You’re overly excited and you can’t wait to hold your new clothes in your arms. You visit the tailor and you see the exact opposite of your chosen style (s). Going a step further, you try on your new clothes, then look into the mirror.

Expecting to behold a Queen, you see a lost clown. You shout, scream, then storm out in anger wondering if you’ll ever find a perfect Nigerian tailor to fulfil your fashion fantasies. This right here is the fate of many Nigerians seeking a style of their own.

In this article, we’ll talk about the several factors to consider before entrusting your clothes in the hands of a Nigerian tailor.

Body Shape

Truth be told, sometimes, our dear Nigerian tailors aren’t really at fault. You see some styles online or on a friend and instantly fall in love forgetting that his/her body shape plays a major role in making the outfit attractive. We all have different body shapes, therefore knowing your body shape is key to choosing perfect custom clothes that fit. Let’s take a look at the various body shapes of men and women, and outfits that best suit each body shape.


Triangle Body Shape

Custom Clothes

If your waist and hips are larger than your upper body, then, you have a triangular body shape. With this shape, it’s quite difficult to get clothes that fit because men’s clothes are designed to be larger at the top, and slimmer at the waist. However, carefully choosing custom clothes and styles that make your upper body appear large is key.

What to Wear?

  • Single breasted suits; they make you look slimmer
  • Jackets that have structured shoulders
  • Patterned Blazers: Pair patterned blazers with solid coloured trousers. This creates an effect that makes your upper region look larger

Trapezoid Body Shape

Designers refer to this shape as the ‘average’ shape. Almost any outfit will fit men of this shape. A trapezoid body shaped man has a narrow waist, wide rib-cage and wider collarbone and shoulders.

What to Wear?

  • Well-fitted trousers
  • Vertically or horizontally striped shirts will look just good on you.
  • Blazers and suit jackets

Oval Body Shape

Custom Clothes

For a man with an oval body shape, the centre of the torso is wider than other parts of the upper part of the body.

What to Wear?

  • Trousers with loose waist
  • Well-fitted Shirt; not too big, not too small
  • Choose bow-ties over neck-ties as they will not drape over your stomach.

Rectangular Body Shape

You have a rectangular body shape if you’re tall and slim. Your shoulders are almost the same width as your hips and waist.

What to Wear?

  • Short and long sleeve tee-shirts with horizontal stripes
  • Blazers and suit jackets that add size to your shoulders.
  • Bright coloured upper body attires.

Inverted Triangular Shape

Image Credit: Realmenrealstyle

If you spend notable hours at the gym, you probably have an inverted triangular shape. Men with this shape have broader shoulders and chest, and a narrow waist..

What to Wear?

  • V-Neck T-Shirts
  • Horizontal Striped Shirts; they create an illusion that your waist is broad.
  • Slim-Fit Pants. Refrain from wearing skinny jeans as this will make it obvious that your legs are tiny and your shoulders, broad.


Pear Body Shape

You have a pear body shape if your waist is wider than your bust, you have fuller hips, shoulders narrower than your hips and a fuller butt. The pear body shape is described as the most curvaceous body shape.

  • Well fitted tops that accentuate your waist; V-Necks, cowl necks, and bell sleeves.
  • Dresses; Maxi styles, A-line styles, open backs, dramatic sleeves and belted styles.
  • Trousers; Boot-cuts, flare denim jeans and classic trousers.

Hour-Glass Body Shape

Image Credit: StitchFix

If you have an hour-glass shape, you’re curvy. You have a well-defined waist and your bust and hip are almost even. Fat is evenly distributed to the bust, hips and thighs.

What to Wear?

  • Tops; Wrap tops, V-necks, round necks, boat necks, Peplum blouses and fitted jersey knits
  • Dresses; wrap dresses, fit and flare and empire silhouettes’
  • Trousers; skinny jeans, leggings and high waist jeans.

Apple Body Shape

Image Credit: StitchFix

You have an apple body shape if your shoulders are broader than your hips and you do not have a well-defined waist. 14 per cent of women around the world have this body shape. Women with this shape have a significantly bigger bust and narrow hips.

What to Wear?

  • Tops; Flowy tunics, breezy A-line silhouettes, relaxed, boyfriend button-ups and V-necks
  • Sleeves; strapless or sleeveless clothing is excellent for your shape.
  • Dresses; strapless ones, maxi styles, mini dresses and A-line styles
  • Trousers; skinny jeans, leggings, bootcut, flared, classic and crooped ones.

Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body shape is also known as the athletic body shape. Women with this shape have the same shoulder and hip measurements, undefined waist and their shape are evenly distributed across the body. 46 per cent of women over the world have this body shape.

What to Wear?

  • Tops; halter styles, strapless, racerback styles, scoop and round necklines
  • Dresses; A-line, vertical striped and darker coloured dresses.


Many times, your custom clothes fabrics are different from the fabric of the styles you decide to model them after. You should note that a difference in fabric and its quality can alter the style of an outfit. This is because all fabrics have their strengths and weaknesses. So, if a particular outfit is made of silk fabric, don’t make yours with a rayon fabric. If you’re unsure about where to purchase quality fabrics, check here.

Test your Tailor

Before entrusting complex styles into the hands of any Nigerian tailor, start by making him/her deliver simpler styles to you. By this, you can rate his/her honesty, commitment and expertise. Also, pay attention to little details every tailor wouldn’t ignore. If your tailor passes your test, congratulations! You’ve found a precious gem.

Wow! You sure have learnt a lot; from body shapes to testing your Nigerian tailor. If you keep these tips in mind before entrusting your custom clothes in the hands of any tailor, you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointments.

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