Embroidered Lace Fabric for your Wedding Aso-Ebi

Your Nigerian wedding is almost invalid without an Aso-ebi. Parents, friends and well-wishers are looking to share in your joy, outfit and style, so there’s a need to opt for the latest fashion in town; the embroidered lace fabric.

Everyone would love to walk in outfits made of embroidered lace fabrics because they’re elegant. Whatever your guests’ styles are; jumpsuits, dresses or skirts and blouses, be sure to slay.

In this article, we’ll show you iconic embroidered lace fabrics perfect for your aso-ebi:

3D Mirror Lace Fabric

3D Mirror Disc Lace

Purple gracious! Did you know that the 3D mirror disc lace symbolizes happiness in a marriage? On the other hand, purple stands for royalty. With this lace fabric as your aso-ebi, you’ll have a happy, joyful royal wedding. It’ll be one where everyone is shining bright. You can make short or long dresses, skirts and blouse and many other styles with this magnificent fabric. See mind-blowing styles below:

Green Beaded Flower Sample Lace

Green Beaded Flower Sample Lace

What’s a wedding without beads and flowers? This embroidered lace fabric is one of a kind. For those who aren’t fans of bright colours, army green fabrics are just perfect.

Moreover, its beads and flowers are arranged in an orderly sequence. Wearing an outfit made of this fabric will glitter anywhere, even in the dark. I mean, isn’t a wedding supposed to be all glittery and shiny? With this fabric, be sure yourself, your friends’ and families will look more glorious than ever. Don’t believe? Watch this video.

Pink Sequence lines lace fabric

Pink Sequence Line Lace Fabric

Virtually every lady loves pink. If you don’t, there’re myriads of other colours you can choose. Imagine making a mermaid or trumpet dress with this fabric? What do you see? How does the reception look? Of course, beautiful as ever. With everyone wearing different styles of this pink beauty, your wedding will be nothing short of perfection. Whatever dress your people decide to make, this fabric is one that sits excellently on the body and marvellous for every style. The pink sequence line lace all the way.

Orange Beaded Bridal Lace

Orange Beaded Bridal Lace

Aso-ebi aside; do you have an exquisite fabric for your engagement dress or dreses? If you don’t, this orange fabric with bold intricate designs is just right. A mix of transparent fabric and collection of orange lace and beads; it’s obvious it was specifically created for bridal purposes.

Using this fabric for a lovely reception dress or collective fabric for your entire family will set a legacy. Your friends, children and grand-children will look at your wedding pictures and certainly be proud of mummy and grand -ma. Then, you’ll tell the tale of how this classy embroidered lace fabric was just made or you and your day.

3D Gray Disc Embroidered Lace Fabric

3D gray Embroidered Lace Fabric

All ye gray lovers! Come and see this! Perhaps you’re a minimalist who doesn’t like primary colours and other bright colours, try out this gray fabric.

A perfect blend of the right accessories, its design is dripping hot. It’s a special fabric for a special occasion on a special day.

Flower Embroidered Lace Fabric

Flower Embroidered Lace Fabric

What’s a garden without flowers? What’s a marriage without colourful splashes of love? These beautiful flowered fabric brings to mind the garden of love you’re grooming. Worth more than a fabric, it’s a unique piece of art that speaks volume. It’s plethora of colours is well blended. Therefore, It’ll certainly match every skin and your ebi (families) will easily find matching accessories.

Rainfall Embriodered Lace Fabric

Embriodered Lace Fabric (Rainfall)

The first rain of the season symbolises blessings from our Creator. Now, wearing rainfall fabric outfits with family and friends on your wedding is good-luck.

Moreover, the droplets are white. Double good-luck! Watch it, when you show everyone this angelic lace, no-one will reject it. She’s too gracious to ignore. It’s available in five yards; just perfect for your guests. Petite sized individuals can share with another while it’s enough for a plus size individual. No loss, all gain.

Red Curve Embroidered Lace Fabric

Red Curve Embroidered Lace Fabric

Awwwwww! Did I hear you just marvel at this beauty? Seeing is believing! Just from looking, you can tell its design is top notch. The red designs are beautifully placed on the transparent part, then laced with tiny gold decorations. You can pair with black or gold gele, shoes and other accessories. For your engagement? Yeeeeeeeeees! Asoebi? A louder yessssssss!

You’ve gone through these fabrics and you’re craving to see more; it’s okay to have varieties of choices before making a final decision. Simply check here for more astounding fabrics you wouldn’t find just anywhere. We’re your plug anyday, all time.

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