Eid Al Fitr 2019: 20+ Smashing Looks Gracing the Streets of Twitter, Instagram

Every year, individuals all over social await Muslim festivals because of their peng pictures, beauty and excellent fashion sense. Truth be told, the Muslim community is good at making us wish they had a festival each day because of their innate gorgeousness. This time, it was Eid Al Fitr. All over the world, Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr; a three days festival that marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The social streets were full of lovely Eid fashion pictures- we’d be absolutely sad if they weren’t. The celebrants wore all types of outfits ranging from patterns to plains to stripes. Some wore English outfits, others, their traditional attires. As usual, the Twitter and Instagram community couldn’t resist the sauce they were dishing out. The sauce was too hot, and beauty rays, BLINDING!!!

All through the 4th and 5th of June, 2019, the hashtags ‘ MuslimMetGala, EidMubarak, Eid2019 and EidAlFitr2019’ trended on Twitter and Instagram. The Muslim community didn’t disappoint at all. They actually never disappoint, so we weren’t expecting less.

Without further ado, here are the 20+ smashing Eid looks (in no particular order) that took our breath away:

Women- Eid Al Fitr Outfits (Twitter)

  1. @Tee_xzarah_

Her outfit (its colours and patterns), jewellry, and makeup are just perfect! Simple, but bold! She’s beautiful ❤

2. @msskande

Golden beauty! Best be framed and kept in a world class gallery for all to see!

3. @kuskii_

The complimenting colours of her outfit against her skin-tone is splendid! She’s angelic 💕. Equally, her smile tell us it’s an awesome Eid Al Fitr.

4. @dracarysyoself_

We can’t stop staring at this pink princess! Gorgeous is definitely an understatement!

5. @uu_fadilah

Oh My! A Queen in a royal dress!

6. @xaynabooo_

7. @miss_fussiapynk

8. @morigese

9. @MayamCsay

Women- Eid Al Fitr Outfits (Instagram)

Eid Al Fitr
Eid Al Fitr
Eid Al Fitr
Eid Al Fitr
Eid Al Fitr

Men- Eid Al Fitr Outfits (Twitter)

  1. @Abu_sanda7

2. @Aleeyu_IA

Plain Agbadas’ are outfits to die for! Now stripes? Wow! Too lovely!

3. @hxaris

Black magic! Jalamia in all sense is beautiful and most gracious for special festivals like Eid! We love, love this look!

4. @RilwanNajib

The details on his kaftan are everything. Also, the bunch of fringe at the hem of the neck is a design we’re surely emulating. We’re in love!

5. @benmendy23

All I can mutter is; ALL HAIL THIS KING!!! By the way, the Manchester City Player won the best dressed for the #MuslimMetGala. If he didn’t, we’d be mad!

6. _jaafar_i_

Eh God! This drip is blinding! Cheiiiii!!! Agbada for the win! Moreover, if his smile doesn’t steal your heart away, I don’t know what will. Because right here is a billion dollar smile!

7. @Ahmad_kurfy

In response to his caption: ‘Am I Late?’ We’re saying; No sweetheart! You aren’t late at all; you’re on time serving the hot blue sauce!

8. @sheshe_mujaheed

The grey top and green designs on his well-tailored Agbada gives us so much life. The Northern cap with myriads of colours gets all our admiration. All hail a true Northern King!!!

Men- Eid Al Fitr Outfits (Instagram)

While we’re team #NativeWears, we couldn’t but take a moment to take in the majestic splendour of this cow-boy! We sure have a thing for cow-boys!!!

Wow! This year’s Eid saw many, many awesome looks. However, these ones we have chosen caught the public’s eye and got everyone talking. Of course, we couldn’t resist too. Peradventure you fall in love with any of the above styles, luck is on your side because we have premium quality fabrics for you. Premium Ankara, Senators and Atiku fabrics. Equally, if you’re searching for the best and latest lace fabrics in town, we have beautiful colours and patterns that’ll catch your attention. Need to purchase aso-ebi for family occasions and festivals? We’ve got you covered. Check here.

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