These Dutch Wax Items are Must-Haves for Every Lady

Dutch Wax

The Dutch wax fabric is like that most popular kid in class who bags all the academic and social prizes. Ankara is perfect and we can all attest to this fact. As an Afrocentric lady, your closet features plethora of classic wax print styles– dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, blouses and trousers. However, do you know there are several ankara items you can own to spice things up any day, any time?

Let’s take a look at five dutch wax items you should have and rock this season:

1. Dutch Wax Bags

You’ll agree with me that every lady’s outfit is incomplete without a bag. Whether for keeping your personal belongings or adding finesse to your attire, bags are great assets you can’t do without. Wearing a mono-chrome or black outfit? A wax print bag will add great colour and illuminate your entire outfit.

2. Dutch Wax Shoes

Hear Tracy Reese; ‘Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair’. Excellent shoes are capable of transforming a not-so-great outfit into ‘wow! You look ravishing! I love your dress sense’. Now, ankara shoes? With their myriads of patterns and colours, they’ll add maximum spice to your over-all look.

3. Dutch Wax Slippers

When going for a walk or casual outing, these slippers come in handy. They can be worn to the mall, a friend’s place or even down the street. Rather than wear plain unfashionable slippers, ankara ones add colour and attract attention to your feet. Let your golden feet be adorned with rainbow-like fabric slippers.

4. SwimSuits

You’re going on a trip to the Bahamas or Santorini where you know for sure that you’ll dive in water and play in it. Opt for some beautiful wax pattern swimsuits’ to show off your Afro-centric roots. There are different styles, colours and patterns you can choose from. Either bikinis, halter-necks, bandeaus or tankinis’, you’ll find the right ankara swimsuit that suits your style and taste.

5. Ankara Jewellries

Can you see the beautiful array of ankara earrings, necklaces and wristwatches? You should definitely add some to your collection. These statement jewellries are great for special and also ceremonial occasions. Moreover, you can pair with native or English attires.

Do you have any of these ankara items already? Which one (s) caught your instant fancy? Are there other items we missed? Let’s hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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