Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

Aso-ebi Styles Ankara

Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

Aso-ebi styles ankara!!! The ageless tradition of ‘Aso-Ebi’ have been in existence since the 1990’s.

Families and friends wear a particular fabric, colour or style to showcase solidarity and togetherness. Most times, for celebrations; other times, to demonstrate class.

In the Nigerian society today, this emblem of togetherness is the real deal, it is the dream.

Right now, you’re here because you’re in dire need of aso-ebi styles to serve your look hot, hot at that event.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’re going to provide you with the juiciest, trendiest and latest aso-ebi styles. Stay glued!

Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

  • Iro and Buba

A core Yoruba style, ‘Iro and Buba’ means ‘Wrapper and Blouse.’

Though it’s an old traditional wear, Nigerian fashion designers have made it modern and lovable.

Combine this native wear with a beautiful gele and glamorous shoes.

Finish off your sparkling look with a fancy hand-fan. One more thing, don’t forget to beat that beautiful face.

Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

Beautiful patterns! The contrast of the iro and buba is irresistible. Anyone will absolutely love to wear this to any special occasion.

Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

Flared blouses are in vogue, and we never want them to go out of style.

The yellow and pink Ankara print coupled with the flared white material is dapper. Aren’t you in love?

  • Skirt and Blouse

Yum!! Yum!! Yummy!!! The bow and side pleats are more than delightful.

For the waist, you can use a belt or totally dump it, it’s up to you sweetheart. Either ways, you’ll look great. Pair with favourite accessories.

Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

Angelic! Feathers, ruffles! The flowing skirt is aesthetically pleasing. With its top, it’s divine.

You can wear this outfit to church, dinners and very important occasion. Swing those hips like you own the floor.

Aso-Ebi Ankara styles

Don’t you admire this Ankara print? It’s unique. Floral with a plain mix.

Moreover, the peplum style and short skirt is grand. Another unique feature of this outfit is the arm– its bulb style.

One outfit, a combination of many styles. GENIUS. Since the outfit already has so much going on, match with few simple accessories.

You surely don’t want to end up looking like a clown. That’s not the plan Boo!

Aso-Ebi Styles Ankara

A mixture of lace and Ankara isn’t bad afterall, it’s radiant. And the yellow colour makes it extra-radiant.

A semi-off shoulder Ankara blouse with a bit of peplum, and a short lace skirt is all you need to slay at that wedding.

Pair with a red bottoms, a dazzling necklace, and a large smile.

Aso-Ebi ankara styles

If you’re one who loves multi-functional clothes, then this skirt is a must-have. You can use with its suspenders or ditch them.

Moreover, you can pair with any blouse– plain, patterned, long sleeve or short sleeve. It’s definitely a wardrobe essential.

  • Dresses

Rainy or sunny days, dresses never disappoint. They’re always the best choice because they’re easy to wear.

Moreover, they can be easily paired. Take a look at these beautiful catalogue of dresses we’ve brought your way. You’ll certainly find them enticing.

This dress is artistic. Featuring only 1/4 Ankara fabric, it’s captivating as well as classy.

The pink flowers in between the dress makes it more lovely.

This can be worn to work, several corporate functions and many other events.

Complete the look with sandal heels, pump heels or simply flats.

Dem go hear am? Isn’t that what you just muttered? Don’t worry darling, you’re permitted to outshine everyone with this stunning blue piece.

It’s better to look the best than look the least. A legendary piece for any wedding guest.

Aso-Ebi Styles

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need. The high-low of this dress gives us chills.

The white tapings also complement uniquely. Everything about this dress screams, ELEGANT.

Images: Pinterest

Aso-ebi Styles Ankara gives us a blend of corporate yet playful attires for every woman, a must have in your pack.

Dear Queen, it’s time for you to stop stressing. You have the styles now, and guess what? You can also have dazzling and divine Ankara fabrics from our safe haven.

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