Ankara Fashion 2018: 8 Awesome Aso-Ebi Prints

Lilliy Flower Ankara Flower

Ankara Fashion 2018: 8 Awesome Aso-Ebi Prints

It’s no longer news, in fact, it is an open secret that Ankara fabrics are the hottest in town. These beauties are ageless.

Rocked by our great-grand mothers, grand-mothers and mothers, Ankara fashion is an inheritance passed from one generation to another. And with each passing day, this fabric becomes better, stronger and more alluring. Isn’t that just awesome?

Now, let’s talk about the happening Aso-Ebi prints. You want everyone to purchase your Aso-Ebi Ankara fabrics? These  ‘na dem dey rush us’ fabrics are certainly the way.

Enough of the fussing, let’s check out the reigning Ankara fashion 2018:

  • Yellow Ankara Fabric with Circle Patterns

Ankara Fashion 2018

Yellow! Bright and beautiful, the color of the sun. Yellow signifies happiness, optimism and joy.

This yellow Ankara fabric is exactly what you need for a happy, joyful, optimistic day. With the pink circles, it’s perfect for a perfect day!

Close your eyes and envision your guests looking as bright as the sun in this lovely fabric. Isn’t it a lovely sight to behold?

Moreover, it’s a perfect one for making long flowing gorgeous dresses and beautiful Agbadas’.

  • Lily Flower Ankara Fashion 2018 Fabric

Lilliy Flower Ankara Flower

Wow! Beautiful!! Beautiful! We can’t stop gushing over this one, It’s magnificent,and we’re literally crushing.

The mixture of the pink, blue and white lilies is just marvelous. Picking this as your Aso-Ebi fabric will attract all and sundry.

Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of this Ankara princess in his/her wardrobe? No-one, I repeat, no-one.

Furthermore, white lilies symbolize chastity and virtue while pink lilies represents wealth and prosperity.

This majestic lily flower fabric was made for you, your wedding and your guests.

  • Berry Blast Ankara Fabric
    Berry Blast Ankara Fabric

Hmmmmmm! Pleasing to the sight! Purple is royalty. Dear King and Queen, everyone is supposed to be dressed in royal apparels on your big day.

If you’re looking for something calming and luxurious, this Berry Blast Ankara fabric will make everyone at your wedding look like palace chiefs, elders, princes and princesses.

Why don’t you have a taste of this berry blast gorgeousness? It’s the perfect fit for making royal and noble outfits.

  • Black and White Ankara Fabric with Red Circles

Black and White Ankara Fabric with Red Circles

Are you a minimalist? Do you love prints with basic colors? Then, this is for you.

This Black and White Ankara Fabric gives a cool aura. Black and white print with a touch of red circles.

Perhaps you’ll love your guests to pair their aso-ebi with different colored accessories, this will do. It can be paired with red, yellow, green and multi-colored accessories.

You want a colorful wedding where everyone gets to shine differently? Guests will showcase utmost creativity with this black and white fabric.

  • Blue Bulb Ankara Fabric

Blue Bulb Ankara Fabric

Look keenly and you’ll realize the yellow prints are similar to the prints on a peacock’s feather.

It’s no tell-tale that a fabric possessing similar prints to the most beautiful bird in the world is graceful.

Moreover, its sky-blue color signifies loyalty and confidence. With a sprinkle of yellow, it’s more than adorable.

Whether you’re a minimalist or lover of many colors, you’re good to go with this stunning blue bulb fabric.

  • Clover Styled Ankara Fabric

Clover Styled Ankara Fabric

Ohmigod! Just looking at the spiral patterns of this fabric gives utmost satisfaction to the eyes.

Then, imagine the striking aesthetics it would emit when sitting graciously on the bodies of family and friends. It’ll be an astounding sight.

At your wedding or other family celebrations, this Clover Styled Ankara Fabric is the one you need to showcase a united big family.

  • Gold Brown Feathered Ankara Fabric

Gold Brown Feathered Ankara Fabric

Lovers of dark colors, get in here!!! Gold brown laced with yellow feathers!!! She is totally irresistible.

Tired of having so many bright Ankara fabrics? This is just perfect.

Brown is simple and friendly, therefore after making your desired style; you can rock your Ankara to any event.

Haters go hear am, my dear, go forth and slay! It’s your time to shine.

  • Sky Blue Ring Ankara Fabric

Sky Blue Ring Ankara Fabric

Someone hold me please! I’m blinded by this beauty. The colour mix is a match made in heaven.

Searching for colourful Ankara without many prints? This artistic element is presenting itself on a platter of gold for your wedding.

At first sight, your guests will fall in love with this blue X purple mix.

Perhaps you’ll love to explore more Ankara fashion 2018 prints, check through to see these beautiful ones just for you.

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