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Ankara Fabric

What is Ankara Fabric?

Turkey’s capital? well, that’s true. But today we are talking about the colourful and artsy world of African wax print popularly known as Ankara fabric.

Originally, Ankara fabric which was formerly known as ‘Dutch wax print’, was manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian market. But by design, these prints garnered more interest in West Africa than in Indonesia which led the Dutch to focus more on West Africa.


The process to make Ankara is originally influenced by batik, an Indonesian (Javanese) method of dyeing cloth by using wax-resist techniques. However, Ankara fabrics are made through the Dutch wax method. This method began in 1800 in Indonesia under Dutch colonization.

Where can I get Ankara Fabric in Nigeria?

Well, of course you can shop them directly at market prices on our website or go through the hassle of visiting the popular Balogun Market; A Vibrant market located in the heart of Lagos.ankara fabric from balogun market

What can I use Ankara fabrics for?

Ankara has so many uses. In Nigeria, both genders are constantly creating new outfits from Ankara patterns for weddings(asoebi), casual outfits and other formal events. However, the list of things you can make out of African fabric is endless, Shower curtains, pillows, jewellery, shoes, swimwear, etc. I’m sure you get the point by now that African fabric is very versatile.

In summary Ankara fabric is:

  • Commonly known as “African prints”,”African wax prints” “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax”
  • Comprised of 100% cotton and vibrant colourful designs
  • A versatile fabric that can be used for asoebi, arts, crafts and casual wears
  • Originated from Dutchland and was initially a mass-product imitation of Indonesian batik fabric.

Ankara patterns spark creativity in the hands of many artisans and designers. We can’t wait to see what you will create with the one you shop off us.

Header image from the amazing work of Ania Photography


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