8 Different Hacks for Looking Amazing in Kaftan Styles

kaftan styles

8 Different Hacks for Looking Amazing in Kaftan Styles

Kaftan styles are gaining prominence in every Nigerian man’s closet. Long loose tunics that flows below the knees and sometimes, the ankles; kaftans’ are hot native styles for work, church/mosque, and social events.

Do you love these hot pieces? Do you want to look amazing in them without trying too much? Then, chill because you’re about to learn fashion hacks for unique Kaftan styling.

Kaftan Style Hacks

1. Hats

Hats signifies power and authority. Making them a part of your style adds a bold demeanour to your outfits. Wearing one with your Kaftan is the easiest way to look refined and sophisticated.

Sometimes, a different look is all you need to pull all the attention you desire. Therefore, while wearing an outfit like the Kaftan that’s widely worn, a hat will highlight your uniqueness and taste for quality.

Kaftan Styles
Kaftan Styles

2. Custom Sticks

  • Perhaps hats aren’t your thing, you should try custom sticks. Holding a custom stick while bouncing in your kaftan style showcases the billionaire in you– the oga pata pata, Igwe or oga boss.  It confers a sense of affluence and wealth upon you. With a well polished custom stick, you’ll find everyone at an event smiling and according you ultimate respect. Some will even hail you and call you nice names, making networking easier. Custom sticks are cheat codes to looking extravagant and magnificent. Don’t sleep on it.
Kaftan Styles

3. Bags

Extra-fashionable men know that bags aren’t only meant for women. Men can as well slay with them. Carrying a beautifully crafted leather bag is a great hack for looking amazing.

A simple Kaftan style will look fanciful when paired with a fashionable leather bag. Be it brown or black, ensure it blends with your shoe, hat or native cap. Colour sequences are important in slaying in any outfit.

People wouldn’t pay attention to color sequences that aren’t pleasing to the eyes and if they do, it’ll definitely be negative stares. We don’t want that. You’re too hot to be side-lined. If you’ve a phobia for matching bright colours, go for dark tones. They’ll save you lots of stress as they’re easily paired with other colours.

Kaftan Styles
Image Credit: Pinterest

4. Native Caps

Completely looking traditional is sexy, like, sexy sexy. Days you decide you want to go all traditional, opt for a native woven cap. They’re perfect for Kaftans, hence they make you look crispy and sweet.

After-all, ladies love sweet boys. It’s never too late to join this association by kick-starting your Kaftan slaying game. Has anyone said you’re too fashion unconscious to slay? Forget it, it’s in your genes. A little push here and there, and you’re the bobo of the party.

Kaftan Styles
Kaftan Styles

5. Shoes

Oh! Did you think I was going to forget to mention this important fashion element? Never. Good or bad shoes determine the overall outlook of your outfit. To look the best in your Kaftan, a good-looking well polished shoe is the simplest trick.

‘Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car- Omari Hardwick’. You see, I didn’t lie, your shoes are everything. Wear great shoes and you only need to put in 20 percent effort into looking like a god.

Kaftan Styles
Image Credit: swankyjerry (Instagram)
Kaftan Styles
Aren’t you feeling the shoes? A whole embodiment of glittering beauty!

6. Sandals

‘Oh! Shoes make me uncomfortable. I don’t see the need to wear them with native styles like the Kaftan’. Hey King, stop fuzzing, there’s good news for you. Instead of shoes, you can opt for sandals. They look amazingly great when paired with Kaftans.

The only downside is; you won’t achieve the extravagant look that comes with wearing shoes. However, you’ll feel much more comfortable and still look good anyways. So, who cares about some extravagance? Doing whatever makes you happy is the ultimate slaying.

Kaftan Styles
Kaftan Styles

7. Jewellries

Whether necklaces, brooches or bracelets, they fill in the extra-fashion spaces. You can absolutely do without them because you can look as good without them. However, for extra-sprinkles of glamour; they’re perfect.

Kaftan Styles
Peep the ring, bracelet and wristwatch!

8. Sunglasses

A King shouldn’t expose his gracious eyes to the harming rays of the sun. Protect your eyes while serving some sauce with your sun-glasses. It’s essential.

Kaftan Styles

Now, that you’re aware of the simple hacks that’ll shoot your Kaftan style to the next fashion level, you should help family and friends to improve their fashion game by sharing this wealth of information.

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