6 Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

Wax Print

Your closet is full of old Ankara wax print; you’ve used some as wrappers and others as rags but they’re still many. Don’t throw them out! They’re great fabrics for interior decoration. Let’s transform your personal space into a little Afrocentric city.

Here, you’ll learn about 6 major home interior decoration you can achieve with patterned fabrics:

1. Curtains: Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

You’ll agree that curtains are an integral part of any home’s interior decoration. Getting unattractive ones will definitely hinder the beauty of your bed-room, sitting room or lounge.

Packing into a new space? You may not need to spend a dime in decorating your new home.

Rather than throw out your old prints fabric, take them to your designer, so he/she can transform them into curtains.

Perhaps, you love to be creative, you can do it yourself. Afterwards, install the fascinating pieces or replace the curtains in your personal space or office with them.

As an ardent lover of all things African, this is the easiest way to turn your space into an African hub without spending much.

2. Pillows: Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

Asides from the provision of comfort, decor pillows and bedroom pillows contribute greatly to the aesthetics of your home.

Getting bored of the aesthetics your decor pillows provide? Put your old wax prints into use and transform your old pillows into attractive, vibrant pillows.

In the same vein, you can make a new one from scratch. Watch the DIY ankara pillow tutorial below to get started:

3. Table Linens: Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

The dining table is an essential part of every home. It’s where the family meets to eat, and possibly discuss about their day.

Most times,members of your family will often look forward to being at the dining table because it brings everyone together.

Now, shouldn’t this force of unity be rich and radiant? It should be! A rich blend of your table linen will make the dining room more attractive, thus improving the over-all interior decor of your home.

4. Bed-sheets/Duvets: Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

The bed-room is a strong forte in every home. It’s the room where you get your rest, pray, and even take major decisions.

If your bed-sheets and duvets look shabby, it affects the over-all look of your room– unpleasant to the eyes and boring.

Consciously or unconsciously, a boring/sad room outlook can have negative effects on your mood and vice versa.

Rather than purchase expensive floral bed-sheets, your African prints can be used to adorn your bed. You can give your fashion designer to make them individually or join various ankara fabrics together for a more detailed outlook.

Either ways, your bed-room is about to look spicier and stimulating.

5. Furniture: Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

Your home isn’t complete without your furniture. To achieve a core African interior design, you can provide your furniture maker with some of your wax print fabrics or better still, purchase already-made Afrocentric furniture.

If you want interior decor that’s full of life, distinctive and highly coloured, you should consider having some of these African prints furniture in your home.

6. Dining Coasters: Wax Print Home Decoration Ideas

In dire need of coasters to place your drinks? Ankara animated coasters can be made with a thin fabric from your old patterned fabrics and a round cork coaster. So easy right?

Moreover, if your dining table linen is plain coloured, these coasters are great for adding intense hues to the outlook of the table.

Equally, they can be used in your kitchen, personal lounge and library.

As you fall in love with this great art, so will your family and friends. Click here to learn how to make this mind-blowing wax print dining coaster.

Now that you know that those wax print fabrics aren’t useless after-all, get to work and begin transforming your home into the Afrocentric cultural little city you’ve always desired without breaking the bank.

In the same vein, if you need new wax print fabrics to transform your home, we have many vivid and vibrant ones for you. If you love to check them out, click here.

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