Fake Print Fabric? 3 Ways to Identify Original Dutch Wax Print

ankara print fabric

Hi there! Hold your heart really tight because we’re about to ruin a fairy-tale for you. Did you know Ankara isn’t originally African? Oh! Yes! It isn’t. We know you love the Dutch wax print fabric and think your great great grand African parents invented it. We’re sorry darling, the narrative is quite different.

The Dutch initially manufactured the wax print fabric for the Indonesian market. They were imitations of Indonesian batiks that were locally made in Java, Indonesia. However, years later, the Europeans introduced these fabrics to the African market. Today, Dutch prints have become a part and parcel of the African people.

Print Fabric
African lady wearing an Ankara head-scarf
Image Credit: Etsy

You see beautiful Ankara styles your colleagues wear to work on Thursdays’ and Fridays’. The African print looks are ever fascinating and you low-key desire to be a wax print slayer too.

However, there’s an obstacle– FEAR. The fear of losing a huge sum of money to sellers of counterfeit Ankara fabrics.

Well, you’re about to be the next Dutch print slayer because in this article, you’ll learn how to identify the original patterned fabric that’ll give you the satisfaction you desire.

How to Identify Original Dutch Wax Print Fabric

  • The next time you’re going to purchase a Dutch wax print, go with a coin. Scratching the fabric lightly with a coin reveals its authenticity. If a mark or a sign that someone touched it appears, it’s not genuine. Original Ankara fabrics possess excellent resistance. Perhaps you’re unable to access a coin, use your finger-nail.
  • Feel the material of the Ankara fabric you desire to purchase. If it feels like nylon, rayon or silk; it’s fake. Ankara fabrics are made of 100 percent cotton, therefore they should feel like cotton.
  • Ankara fabrics have a soft feel despite their durability and high resistance. Before buying, give your desired fabric choice a pat. If the feel is soft, then you’re good to go. Moreover, take a small portion of your favourite print’s edge, then rumple with your hands. If it restores its shape in split seconds, congratulations! Your slay is here to stay.

Aren’t you so glad you wouldn’t be left out in the office Ankara slay anymore? You’re ready to dish out your sauce in quality fabrics and we’re happy for you.

Well, here’s good news. We have high quality, original patterned fabrics for you. With our fabrics, be sure to get your cotton patterns and not rayon ones.

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