20 Senator Wears For Ladies & Men

senator wears for ladies and men


Senator Wears for ladies and men is one of the trending Nigerian fashion styles. It is a native worn by Yoruba, Igbo, and other tribes. The Senator style is simple and looks nice on both sexes

What makes the Senator style an exclusive design is that it is sewn with clothing materials used for other outfits. While this is a complete list of all senator wears, it is a start. Ready? Let’s go!

1. It is all about comfort

When it comes to fashion, comfort and uniformity take it all. This is a simple and beautiful design- a must-have.

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2. Tapings and Lines

You can make all the difference with tapings and involvements. Also, creativity is all that you need to make a fashion statement.

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3. Native white senator with black pant

Anyone who understands fashion will know that a mixture of white and black is always a perfect match.



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4. Blue Senator

Senator with a shade of blue is perfect for any occasion. The different styles of blue are very attractive and stylish. What’s more, it will make head turn.

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5. Matured look in Blue Senator outfit

This senator style sewn with good quality blue fabric gives you that matured look. Assuredly, the outfit will command respect from onlookers. It is the right outfit for any formal events or social gathering.

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6. Brown Senator with white embroidery

The style when sewn with quality ethnic embroidery looks good on both men and ladies. It looks so perfect either you want it as short sleeve or long sleeve.

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7. A mixture of Tonic wine color and grey

The wine color is a fashion style statement on its own. A tonic wine Senator wears mixed with grey fabrics adds traditional value to any style. This is a perfect outfit for couples on any special occasion.

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8. Trendy White and Black Senator

Nothing compares to a stylish combination of white top and black trousers. Yes, you can wear this outfit to any occasion be it formal or traditional. Whenever you are unsure of what to wear, just choose this without a second thought.

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9. Flared White Senator

The proof of elegance is in what a man wears. A Senator made with sparkling white fabrics is the go-to attire for birthday or wedding party. For a classy look, use accessories like a gold wristwatch and sunglasses. Also, don’t forget to complete the look with a black cap or hat.

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10. Complete burnt Orange Senator with cap

The complete burnt Orange Senator with a cap is the perfect street style outfit. The red color looks nice on any skin complexion. It is a step from other popular colors.

Image result for 10.    Complete Red Senator with cap senator styles

11. Red-Senator with white stripes

Announce your presence with the red senator with white stripes on the chest. The color is attractive and a touch of white adds class to it.

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12. Long sleeve blue senator for ladies

Blue is a color worn by anyone irrespective of their skin complexion. Also, you can also rock something similar to look great.

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13. Ash Blue senator

The ash blue color is a cool color for an ideal gentleman. This stylish senator wear is a perfect outfit for church service and casual outings.

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14. Bold senator style for ladies

Yes, most African ladies love to look bold and smart. The senator styles and similar outfits are what you are looking for.

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15. Royal Blue Senator for men and ladies

The royal blue stylish senator for both men and ladies is the right outfit for birthdays and other ceremonial occasions.

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16. Senator with purple fabrics

This is an elegant and classy senator design for couples. The subtle color of this senator makes offers an attractive and comfortable look. If you want a bold look, you need to Think Bold and Wear Bold.

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17. White Senator with a touch of black

The white senator with a touch of black is ideal for all ceremonial and formal events. Also, the detail on the chest makes it a classy outfit for both men and ladies.

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18. Flame yellow senator with purple fabrics

Your wardrobe is not complete without this design. It is the best outfit for picnics and birthday parties.

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19. Black senator style with touch of yellow

It is an outfit for all occasion and all seasons. Essentially, you can rock this outfit any time of the day.

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20. The Chick senator style for ladies

A stylish senator ears for ladies. You can wear it to any formal or corporate event.

senator wears for ladies and men

While there are several senator styles to pick from, your style will determine which design to go for. So make your choice from these styles to stand out in any event!

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