20+ Hot Looks to Pull with Ankara Trousers

Ankara Trousers

Ankara lovers! We’re here again to give you hot gist on the latest Ankara styles and fashion. In this article, we’re focusing on Ankara trousers and how to pull some slay mama looks with them. You probably have lots of these slay trousers but wear them in the most basic way. Now, it’s time to take the styles to the next fashion level because we’re about to show you the light.

High Waist Three-Quarter Ankara Trousers

Ankara high-waist three-quarter trousers stand out when worn with the right blouses and styles. However, when you wear them with some shabby blouses or shoes, no-one notices the beauty of your print trousers. Wear your wax print three-quarter trousers in these four ways and you’ll love certainly love what you see.


Generally, high-waist trousers are best worn with crop tops. Since high-waist trousers give this illusion of hour-glass body shape, crop-tops are best worn to flaunt your now extra-slim waist and more pronounced hips. The same goes for your wax print Ankara trousers. Pairing with a crop-top flaunts your shape and also drives attention to your trousers as your top isn’t covering its entirety.

Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers


Body-suits are skin fitting garments that are perfect for skirts and trousers, particularly high waist ones. Because they hug your body, they reveal your stunning upper shape while your high-waist ankara trousers makes your waist slimmer and hips slightly wider. For a more chic look, pair with sandal or pump heels. If you’ll rather feel comfortable, pair with beautiful flats.

Ankara Trousers


For a more casual look and comfort, tank-tops are great. Also, if you love to show your arms, you’ll absolutely enjoy wearing tank-tops on your ankara trousers. Pair with sandal heels, flat sandals, or shoes.

Ankara Trousers

Belted Blouses

Everyone should have at least one of these belted blouses in their closet because they go with virtually all bottoms. More-so, they can pass as corporate and sometimes, casual looks. Wear your blouse with your three-quarter print trouser. Depending on your personal style, you can either tie your belt as a bow to the front or back. But, we all know the bow is better in front.

Ankara Trousers

Ankara Corporate Trousers

If you’re a corporate worker, you know that pant trousers are great assets. They’re comfortable and are pairable with a host of tops, blouses and jackets. You can never go wrong with them, particularly print ones.

Pairing your wax print corporate trousers with a camisole and matching blazer is excellent for the first working day of the week. Spice up your dressing with matching accessories. You’re good to go girl!

Go a step further and pair your prints with a shirt and blazer. Also, if there’s a space for a belt, don’t forget to belt it. Belts are perfect for driving attention to the waist, so, don’t sleep on them. Wear an open toe shoe, sandal heels or better still, pump heels.

Perhaps you crave for a uniform corporate look, go for this flawless look.

Ankara Pallazo/Pantada

Pallazo trousers are popular for their stylish outlook and comfort. Moreover, depending on how you pair pallazos’, they can pass for corporate or casual wears. However, they’re mostly worn casually. The Indians call it pantada , and in most parts of the world, it’s a trouser style that’s popular during summer. This is because it’s comfortable and breathable in hot weathers.

Wear your pallazo pants with a corset and finish the look off with a leather bomber jacket or blazer.

Since they’re also high-waist, crop tops are always a best fit.

For a corporate look, pair with your favourite shirt and you’re ready for the business meeting, talk show or the first day at work.

Ankara Bell Trousers

While some people may confuse bell trousers with pallazo trousers, they aren’t the same. For pallazos’, the flare comes right from the waist down while for bell trousers, the flare begins from right below the knee or a little below. Bell trousers are perfect for you if you are pear shaped. Read here to know about the different types of body shapes and the most suitable outfit for each.

For casual or corporate purposes, bell trousers are exquisite and perfect for every occasion. They’ll earn you the stylish outlook you desire.

Ankara Shorts

Casual wears, shorts are spectacular if paired with the right blouses and accessories. Going for a party? Clubbing? Or to the beach? Shorts are all you need. If you’re also going for an evening walk or making a trip to the movies, a nice looking ankara shorts and crop top or an off-shoulder top makes a great match.

Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers
Ankara Trousers

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