20 Agbada Styles: Why You Should Have At Least One In Your Closet

agbada styles

Agbada; the flowing wide sleeved robe majorly worn by West Africans should be in every man’s wardrobe. Why? Because you can’t go wrong with the gracious piece. When you wear agbada styles, there’s this kingly aura you emit and trust me, it’s different from how you look in other native attires.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to get one but don’t know the perfect style to go with, these 20 mouth-watering agbada styles will leave you with nothing but joy in your heart.

1. Embroidery (Lion-Head) White Agbada

As you know, agbadas’ aren’t just any attire, they’re classy and nobly. Now, in white? Definitely breath-taking. A universal colour, white can be paired with all other colours, hence it’s well liked by fashion conscious individuals.

Moreover, a white attire is always dazzling no matter how simple the style is. As long as it is white, it is luxurious. Have you ever had to pick between a white shirt and another coloured shirt? Which did you pick? White right? If you’re keen on designs, you can have a large embroidery, perhaps a lion head on your white agbada.

Don’t forget your custom stick, signature cap, and of course, some mint cash. Since you’re looking like money, you have to spend it!

Agbada Styles

2. Red and Blue Folded Aso-Oke Agbada

Are you tired of having to pack your agbada every moment? Worry no more as this folded aso-oke agbada is a viable solution to your problems. After wearing, the agbada sits on your shoulders graciously without falling off every minute. It’s extra-comfortable. You’ll probably forget you’re wearing an agbada.

3. White Knight-Agbada

Agbadas’ come in different variations. Perhaps you want something different from the normal embroidery designs, be like Falz and get the knight’s uniform design incorporated in your agbada style. Looks heroic right? Who knows? Someone may need a knight at the event, and since you’re dressed like one, you’ll be fit for the challenge.

Agbada Styles

4. Black Patterned Agbada with Lion-Head Embriodery

Like white, black is a universal colour that’s easily paired and easy to maintain. If you’re a simple man with little interest in designs or colours, this black patterned agabda style is a perfect fit.

Oh! You may ask, where are the patterns? Look closely! They aren’t shiny or glittery, but if looked at with keen attention, you’ll see them looking pretty. The little lion-head embroidery design is princely and of course, depicts a man who is bold and ready for a challenge.

Agbada Styles

5. White Agbada with Simple Black Embroidery

Many agbada styles feature embroidery. While some are extravagant, others are simple.

Black embroidery and black accessories with this all-white agbada is the ultimate satisfaction for minimalists. If you’re one, you should try this.

Agbada Styles

6. Gold Short-Sleeved Agbada

A trouser, an inner shirt and a over-flowing gown makes up an agbada. Majority of agbada styles feature long sleeved inner shirt however, you can deviate and make yours short sleeved. Still looks great!

Moreover, gold is a colour of affluence and royalty. It stands for compassion and wisdom. Upon entering an event, be sure to illuminate the room with your majestic splendour.

7. Blue Agbada with Yellow Embroidery

Ardent lovers of embroidery designs will love this! Every part of this agbada is embellished with embroidery and it’s beautiful. Wow! It also features a collared-neck. If you remove the agbada gown, this attire will probably look like a Kaftan.

8. White Agbada with Gold Floral Designs

White agbada laced with brown hems. A great combo of white, brown and gold. If you want something flowery, this will suit you.

9. Blue Agbada with Side Prints

A combination of plain and patterned fabric isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s exquisite. For people who think a plain blue agbada is too simple, adding a blending patterned fabric at the sides is enough to make it look extra-good.

10. Baby-Pink Agbada with Black Floral Designs

Don’t you love this? Every piece of this three piece attire has well carved floral designs. Wear this to your friend’s wedding but please, don’t steal the show.

11. Blue Agbada with Royal Blue Floral Side Design

Omo Baba Olowo’s in the house, say yeah!yeah! Do you want to live up to your status at any event? Go for this well-cut fitted blue agbada. Just look at its side designs– royalty and class. Biko, pair with jewellries, native cap and that branded wooden stick.

12. Black Agbada

Your agbada closet isn’t complete if there’s no plain black one that you can pair with any accessory. Peep the Nigerian fashion big daddy, Richard Mofe Damijo rocking his black agbada with a red and black native cap. You can rock yours with any colour of native cap.

13. Black with a Touch of Yellow Embroidery

It’s still your usual black agbada but the yellow embroidery makes it look spectacular.

14. Purple Agbada with Purple Velvet

Check-out this purple piece with edges designed with velvet and some silver accessories. Perfect for a CEO, father and husband.

15. Aso-Oke Agbada

We’re with Tobi on this lovely piece paired with the traditional ileke and horsetail. While the horsetail as an accessory may be too traditional for some events, it’s perfect if you’re meeting with the Alaaafin of Oyo.

16. Blue Cashmere and Grey Agbadas’

This smooth-looking agbada is great for every occasion.

17. Blue Agbada With Stones

This style is the most common of agbada styles. However, the stones adds some modern spice to the attire. Enjoy the dance floor, and spray the cash!

18. Light Purple Agbada

Perfect for a special occassion!

19. Green Agbada and Off-White Agbada

Hmmmm! Everything in this picture coughs money. From the traditional caps to the shoes. Now, examine both agbadas’, they’re made with high-quality materials and lavishly designed. If you’re the groom, you should wear one of these styles at your wedding.

20. Pink Agbada

Whether you choose Tubaba’s style or the other, any of these agbada styles will totally stand you out from the pack.

Have you decided on the style to go with? If yes, you’ve made the right decision by planning to upgrade your agbada closet and ready to give them at any owambe. If no, take all the time you need to make your decisions.

Remember, we have fabrics for your native attire needs. Check our fabric catalogue and you’ll be dazzled at how well our fabrics suit your agbada, senator and kaftan needs.

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