10 Simple Ankara Styles to Wear for your Family Portraits

Simple Ankara Styles

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”– John Bowring. The family is indeed everything and each moment you spend with your spouse, children, siblings and parents are worth preserving. As humans, we want the memory we spend with our loved ones to be preserved and the only way this can be done is through pictures. That’s why we take lots and lots of it.

Now, it’s the birth of your first, second or third child, your wedding anniversary, child’s graduation or parents anniversary/birthday. These events are special, and of course, you feel the need to freeze each moment, laughter and happiness in pictures.

You want to keep re-visiting the euphoria that came with those moments every time you walk through the corridors of your home. But, there’s a challenge; you can’t find perfect simple Ankara styles that’ll suit everyone. You aren’t satisfied with the ones you’ve seen in several magazine pages at your fashion designer’s. Hold on! Hold out, because, in this piece, you’ll find the best simple Ankara styles for your family pictures.

Couple Simple Ankara Styles

Simple Ankara Styles
Image Credit: Bestystyles

Who doesn’t love special moments with their spouse? Everyone! Moreover, being all huggy and into each other is a pre-requisite for excellent pre-wedding shoots. Wearing this pair of Ankara joggers and shirt for a couple photo shoot will make your photos look natural, and perfect.

Picture Credit: Bestystyles

Say cheese!!! This Ankara simple off shoulder dress is a great match for your man’s semi-Ankara senator style. Everyone will marvel at the beauty of this photo when it’s hung on the walls of your home.

Image Credit: Etsy
Picture Credit: Shacara

If you don’t want a complete ankara style, you can simply use your Ankara fabric as designs on your desired style.

Image Credit: Etsy
Picture Credit: Newankarastyles

Want a school-boy and girl photograph? The Ankara short, white shirt and sneakers are just perfect to pull off a school boy look. The Ankara dungaree and white shirt isn’t bad for a school-girl either.

Image Credit: Diyanu

Hoodies! You’ve had pictures in wax print dresses and senators, you want something different from the norm. This Ankara hoodie and joggers is just what you need to pull off a bad boy and girl couple portrait.

Picture Credit: Instagram

You’re about to have some run-way kind of portrait at your bedside with these yellow and white Ankara outfits and a bomb ass photographer.

Image Credit: Newankarastyles
Picture Credit: Owame Collections

Family Simple Ankara Styles

Image Credit: Etsy

A blend of white and any Ankara fabric is totally awesome. Add the Ankara fabric to other fabrics for the men. Mommy and the girls can pair a white shirt with a beautiful Ankara skirt.

Picture Credit: Etsy

Whatever Dutch wax fabric you choose, let your fashion designer mix them creatively with other fabrics. This will give your portraits special effects and beauty.

Image Credit: Instagram

Wow! Mummy’s dress could be an all Ankara agbada type of style while daddy and the boys mixes their fabric with other materials. LEGENDARY!

Picture Credit: Naijasdaily

Who says pattern on pattern is thrash? A creative fashion designer knows how to mix different Ankara prints for mummy and the girls. Not only will your portrait be expressly beautiful, everyone will tell you how beautiful your outfit and that of the children is. Then, the memory will be forever etched in your heart and sands of time.

Image Credit: Renystyles

Daddy and his little prince can completely wear a different attire while mummy shares a complete Ankara outfit with her little princess.

Picture Credit: Renystyles
Image Credit: Shacara
Picture Credit: Shacara

All done! You now have loads of simple Ankara styles to choose from. For your styles, remember that we have great Ankara fabrics for your entire family. Check out our catalogue to see the best of the bests.

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