10 Senator Styles for Valentine’s Day

senator styles

10 Senator Styles for Valentine’s Day

It’s that season of love again, and as expected, everyone is joyful. You’re racking your mind on what gifts are perfect and not perfect for your loved ones.

Of course, you’re also planning the most suitable outfit for your fancy dates and dinners. Impressing your girl and looking the best on a special day is the right thing to do. It’s okay if you want to go with the traditional red and white outfit, all you need is ensuring your outfit is modern and stylish.

For a minute, breathe in, breathe out! Stop thinking about what to and not to wear, we have the answers here. Upon reading this post, you’ll have tons of awesome styles to choose from. The senator styles you’re about to see will leave your girl stunned at your handsomeness and gracious physique.

Exquisite Senator Styles

  • Blue

Senator styles

You don’t need to break the bank to look this nice on Valentine’s. This blue senator style with large burgundy stripes is enough.

If you’re lover of hats, this season is the perfect time to unveil that cowboy side you’ve been hiding. Your girl will totally love it. I bet she’ll fall in love a thousand more times.

Go with whatever accessories makes you feel comfortable. Don’t forget, your shoes can spice up or mar your entire look, so invest in good ones.

Senator styles

Perhaps you want blue that’s more colourful, you should definitely go with this. The extra colours add extra beauty to this style. On Valentine’s and after, this outfit remains evergreen.

Like fashion king Ebuka, you can pair with a burgundy cap or color of your choice. Better still, look around and invent a new style with your most cherished accessories.

Senator styles

You love your senator styles plain and simple, we present this elegant piece to you. To look dapper, wear a well-polished shiny shoe. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

  • Pink

Senator styles

If you don’t know, men always look good when wearing this shade of pink. A pink coloured senator? Superb!  Flaunt your physique in this awesome piece!

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine how you’ll look in this senator style? How do you look? Majestic! Classy. Finesse dripping all over.

Bleached pink outfits cannot be overlooked when paired with the right accessories. Wearing this outfit, you’ll definitely get a lot of ‘wow’ stares. Smile right back at your admirers!

  • Wine

Senator styles

Everyone cannot love the same things, and that’s okay! This is for you lovers of dark colors. Besides, it’s quite similar to the ‘red’ valentine theme.

Your wine senator style will be best paired with a white/grey cap and white pocket ‘kerchief. A black or wine shoe will do. Now, you’re all set for the big dinner date.

  • Black/Black-Brown

Senator styles

They say ‘Orange is the new black’ but we know black is always the new black. Nothing outshines black outfits. The fact that black can be easily paired with other colors is satisfying. Think out of the box and mix colourful accessories to finish your bad-boy look.

Senator stylesSenator styles

Perhaps you don’t want a completely black senator, go for ones with little white embroideries/designs. Artistically perfect outfit for that special day of love.

  • Green

If you want an extravagant style, I implore you to go for this. It’s royal. You’re a King and everyone deserves to see who you’re through your style.

Walk majestically with your Queen’s arm in yours. Trust me, this valentine will be the best you’ve ever had.

  • White

Senator styles

Sometimes, we all want to go light on our dressing. If that’s how you feel, you can opt for this casual senator. Pair with favorite sneakers or leather shoe. Baby boy is definitely ready for the challenge!

  • Tan/Brown

Notice the sequence, a black cap, tan senator and a black shoe. Don’t go out without paying attention to the little details that can enhance your outfit if you decide to go with this. Cheers!!

Do you already have one of the above styles in mind? Great! We have everything ready to make your valentines’ the best.

Then, check our catalogue to see senator fabrics that are just right for your desired style. Remember, we always have your back because if you don’t shine, who will? We’re committed to meeting your fabric needs any-day, any-time.

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