10 Atiku Styles for any Owambe

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Gentleman! We’ve all been there! We’ve all been at that point where we didn’t have or know what to wear for our next owambe. It’s nothing new, and there’s always a way out. Atiku styles to the rescue!

Since you’ve rocked the Agbada, senator and Kaftan well, now is the time to get your hands on Atiku styles too. You’ll love them. Additionally, there’re abundance of these styles to choose from.

What is an Atiku Fabric?

Atiku styles are made of slightly thick pure cotton fabric known as ‘Atiku Fabrics‘. This fabric was the statement fabric of a former Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar. His attires were made of this pure cotton fabric and people loved them.

Then, fashion conscious individuals began replicating his styles. As time went on, the fabric adopted his name – ‘Atiku’. This is because he brought the Northern fabric to limelight.

Now that you know all about Atiku fabrics, let’s take a look at 10 suitable Atiku wears for a gentleman:

1. Blue Plain Atiku Styles

Image Credit: Pinterest

Simple and plain looks good every time. If the owambe is in a few days, this can be quickly made by your fashion designer– no embroideries, no extra designs. You can add the wide sleeved agbada robe if you desire to be extra.

2. White Short-Sleeved Atiku Styles

Atiku Styles

Image Credit: Pinterest

Provided long sleeved clothing doesn’t suit you, this short sleeved one is great for any wedding occasion. It’s not so plain as it features grey embroideries on the neck and arm. Use a lapel to enhance your outfit.

3. Striped Bishop-Collar Atiku Styles

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Image Credit: Pinterest

Looking to divert from the usual native collar styles? The Bishop collar was adopted from English wears. It looks as good on native wears.

More-so, the collar looks as though it was made for this pink-white striped atiku style. Style with your best-loved accessories.

4. Blue Atiku-Agbada Style

Need a style for your little gentle man? Use the popular Atiku fabric for a well-cut three piece clothing. The quality of the fabric will make the style fit your little man perfectly.

Instead of making cuff links holes, buttons can be replacements. Adorn his neck and wrist with traditional beads.

5. Turquoise Atiku Style

While some men prefer calm colours, others prefer bright ones. If you’re in the latter category, why don’t you try this turquoise beauty if you haven’t yet?

This blue green outfit is an excellent one for a happy occasion. Bright outfits are for happy days.

More-so, the black hem at the neck stands out and complements the turquoise Atiku. In all, it adds an exquisite design to the outfit.

6. White-Striped Atiku-agbada

Image Credit: Pinterest

A striped white and grey sewn into an Agbada is just perfect.

7. Plain White With Blue Stripes

Image Credit: Pinterest

Looking for something plain yet with patterns? This style right here is what you need. White with simple grey neck designs.

8. Plain Baby-Pink Atiku-Agbada

Image Credit: Pinterest

9. Yellow Short-Sleeved Atiku Style

Image Credit: Pinterest

Wear this yellow native Atiku and pair with dark accessories.

10. White Short Sleeved with Grey Arms

Image Credit: Pinterest

Now, that you’ve the perfect style for a gentle-man, you’re all set for the owambe.

Remember, we’ve a catalogue full of the best Atiku fabrics. Click here to check through and get your desired one (s).

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