10+ Adorable Ankara Styles for Children

The big family event is almost here! You’ve gone through tons of ankara styles for children but you aren’t satisfied. You’re here for more spicy, alluring styles. But, do you know you shouldn’t only make beautiful ankara styles for your little ones during events? There should be a lot in their closet because they find the Ankara fabric fascinating. They love it! Don’t believe this little secret? Let’s take a short flight into the world of science.

Science says, children take cognizance of the happenings around them through their eyes, thereby categorizing objects through colours, particularly bright ones. Think for a minute, have you ever seen a pale coloured children toy? No! Never!. Now, it’s quite obvious why your little ones have a big heart for bright colours. They see the world in colours.

Bright colours make them happy and vice versa. Orange and yellow brings them happiness and comfort while blue and green have a calming effect on their moods.

Wow! Did you find the world of science intriguing? I did and I’m quite sure you did too. Well, we’re back here and we’re going to go through 10 adorable ankara styles for your boys and girls. Shall we?

Adorable Ankara Styles for Children (Girls)

Red Floral Pattern Dress

Ankara Styles for Children

Image Credit: Pinterest

Which little princess wouldn’t love a red floral ankara dress? The sleeveless upper part and little chest bow is made of red silk. Then, from the chest down to the knee is the beautiful ankara fabric. This cute dress is spectacular for family events, children’s end of the year parties and all special outings. As you desire, accesorise hair with a red or white flower ribbon.

Pink Ankara-Tulle Double Step Ball Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

Cinderella!Cinderella! You know how much your baby girl loves pink. Imagine the big cheeky smile that’ll appear on her cute little face when you dress her in this pink ball dress. It’s a smile that’ll melt your heart and possibly bring you to joyful tears.

The style is magnificent and fit for any special fancy event. One arm is arm-less while the other arm features a ‘bulby’ style. The upper part of the dress, including its first ball layer features a pink-blue ankara fabric while the second layer features a pink tulle fabric. If you haven’t noticed, look closely and you’ll see a pink belt behind the dress. Finish off the little princess’s look with a graceful pair of shoe.

Yellow Floral Ankara Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for something beautiful and lengthy, this is just perfect. Pair with your girl’s favourite accessories. Watch it, she’s going to be the envy of other kids.

Colourful Sleeveless Top and White Skirt

Image Credit: Pinterest

Like mummy, like daughter!!! Craving to twin with your baby girl? This is one of the adorable mummy-daughter ankara styles for children. Your daughter’s top and skirt is a simple style that shouldn’t take your fashion designer many days to make. One more thing, don’t forget the large head bow. It’s a part of the outfit.

Yellow Shift Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

Everyone loves a shift dress. Children aren’t left out in the craze too. Shift dresses are simple, fashionable and comfortable. They can be worn casually or ceremoniously. Either ways, they’re the bomb.

Other Adorable Ankara Styles for Children (Girls)

Adorable Ankara Styles for Children (Boys)

Green Jacket and Shorts

Image Credit: Pinterest

For church, school or other formal events, this ankara jacket, shirt and shorts will look just good on your boy. When you see him talking and playing with friends, your face will be lit with joy. You’ll be glad you chose this colourful outfit.

Green Round Ankara Buba and Soro Style

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you want your little man to go all traditional, this buba and soro is the way.

Blue Ankara Shirt and Short

Image Credit: Pinterest

Not only is the colour of this attire fascinating, the style is lovely. A part of the shirt is made of plain sky blue fabric while the other part is of turquoise ankara fabric. In the same manner, the short is a blend of plain navy blue and ankara fabric. This attire will pass as a corporate wear as well as a native one. Your darling boy is surely going to love this piece.

Yellow and Blue Shirt and Ankara Trousers

Image Credit: Pinterest

A plain yellow shirt with an ankara crown design on it. Awesome! Every child will love to wear this genius outfit and showcase it to everyone. ‘Hey, have you seen this crown on my shirt? My mummy and daddy bought it for me’. Let him rock his sunshade too. He’s a young prince with a crown.

Orange Ankara Shirt

Image Credit: Pinterest

A simple ankara shirt that can be paired with jeans and other fancy trousers. Perfect for casual occasions.

Other Adorable Ankara Styles for Children (Boys)

Now, you’ve seen loads of awesome ankara styles for children. I’m sure you’ve fallen in love with two, three, five or more styles. Your children are ready to paint the town with colourful outfits.

If you need ankara fabrics for your children’s styles, aso-ebi or personal use, we have different colours, patterns and styles for you. Take a tour through our online store and see the wax print beauties that awaits you.

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